No Place Else I Could Be (A Sort of Fairy Tale 13/14)

Title: A Sort of Fairy Tale
Chapter: Thirteen: No Place Else I Could Be
Fandom: SPN RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Misha
Warning/spoilers: None. (Guesses are made. I’m probably wrong.)
Word Count: 1300
Rating: PG
Summary: Misha loves Jensen. Jensen is … getting there.
Chapter thirteen summary: He doesn’t stop until he’s got Jensen wrapped in his arms and his face buried in Jensen’s neck.

day thirteen: Arts & Entertainment

It’s a long summer, though hardly a boring one. Jensen shoots his movie, Misha performs in one and produces another (and writes two more, and writes short stories that he emails to Jensen, and poetry that he doesn’t show anyone just yet) and gives interviews about what to expect in season six (since Jensen is in Romania, Hawaii, or New Zealand on any given day and Jared is honeymooning).

A great many questions are about Dean and Castiel’s new relationship. The network decided to air the kiss, and as Misha knew would happen, fandom exploded, religious groups denounced the show, and the debate was engaged about whether a formerly straight man could “turn gay.”

Misha says in interviews if people believed a gay man could turn straight, why not the other way around? If he feels he should give a serious answer (and he usually does), he adds he doesn’t think Dean is completely straight, and the kiss is proof. “And Castiel doesn’t understand gender,” he says. “He just knows he loves Dean.”

A church tries to picket the show, but since they haven’t started shooting yet, the half-dozen protesters end up milling around in front of empty production trailers for half an hour before they trudge off to their next destination.

Misha and Jensen’s own relationship is less public and less discussed. In interviews Misha admits to dating someone, as does Jensen, though they don’t say each other’s names. “Too much of art imitating life,” Misha says to Jensen. “Let Cas and Dean take the heat.”

The relationship between angel and hunter will be a thread, not a focus, they’re told. Whether Jensen will get his love scene or not is still under debate, but there will be acknowledgements, no matter how small. Dean needs to be brought away from the abyss he looked into in the season finale, and he will have both fraternal and romantic love to pull him back.

Misha is looking forward to it. He’s looking forward to Jensen coming back so they can do more than talk on the phone and write long, rambling emails. He wants to hold Jensen again — he wants to whisper stories in his ear, and feel Jensen fall asleep in his arms.


Misha is at his house in Los Angeles, getting ready to shut it up until he comes home for the winter hiatus, when a taxi pulls up in front. Misha drops the papers he’s sorting and the folders he’s sorting them into; he goes straight down his front walk as Jensen climbs out of the cab and gets his luggage from the trunk. He doesn’t stop until he’s got Jensen wrapped in his arms and his face buried in Jensen’s neck. Jensen wraps him up just as tight, kisses the side of his face, whispers, “Hi. Hi, darlin’.”

He gets Jensen inside eventually and moves boxes of books and a half-filled suitcase off the bed so Jensen can relax. He’s not at all surprised that Jensen pulls him down too, and he sprawls over Jensen and kisses him Hello and I missed you and I’m so glad you’re here.


It’s wrong to say they’ve had their fill of each other, but they’re both satisfied enough to talk, lounging on Misha’s bed. “Did you get the script for the premiere?” Misha says, tracing the solid line of Jensen’s jaw with a fingertip. “Have you had a chance to read it yet?”

“I did. I get to kiss you again.” He blinks slowly, eyes like a cummings poem, like big love-crumbs. “Still no word on a love scene, though.”

“We’ll just have to leave it to the imagination.” Misha touches Jensen’s throat, lets his fingers rest in the hollow at the base. “I thought you were going to see your family before you came back to L.A.”

“I am, but I changed my plans a little. Come with me.”

Misha stops touching him and looks up to meet his eyes. “Come with you?”

“Yeah. I thought I’d drive, and you should come with me. Let’s take a road trip together.”

“You want me to meet your family,” Misha says, because that’s the important part of this proposition.

“Yes. I’ve met your mom.”

“She’s nomadic and likes Vancouver,” Misha says. “You want me to meet your parents.”

“Yes,” Jensen says, patient. “I’ve told them about you.”

“In detail?”

“In enough detail. I told them you’re odd,” he smiles as Misha snorts, “and wonderful, and that I like who I am with you. So they want to meet you.”

Misha smiles slowly. “Okay. Are you sure about the road trip part?”

“I think the road trip part is vital to the whole plan.” He pauses. “I need to stretch my legs a little before we go back to Vancouver. Do you know what I mean?”

“I don’t know,” Misha says truthfully, “but if you really want to stretch you should come to India with me sometime.”

“I don’t want to drive across India this week,” Jensen says dryly. “I want to see my own country a little more first. Dean Winchester has seen every corner of the US and I haven’t. I want to rectify that. And I want to see it with you.”

“We’ll see the desert, mostly,” Misha says. “An area completely unlike Vancouver.”

“Good. It’ll be something new. So are you coming with me? Please?”

“To the ends of the Earth,” says Misha and kisses Jensen. “Or at least to the end of the southwest.”


They can’t leave right away: Misha needs to finish packing and preparing to ship some boxes to Vancouver. But that means with the new plan he’ll simply do it faster and sooner, and it also that means Jensen will stay with him until they’re ready to leave. When Misha lies down in his bed that night Jensen is waiting for him, bare skinned on his sheets and smelling of soap. Misha gathers him close and they kiss each other slowly for a while.

When Misha pulls away Jensen is grinning. “Your house,” he says softly. “Your bed.”

“You can call it home if you want to.”

Jensen shakes his head, still smiling. “Maybe. You know, with Jared and Gen newlywedding all over the place I’m not sure I should stay with them like we planned. I don’t imagine it’ll be much different from before, but  …”

“If you want to live with me, just say so,” Misha says, amused.

“I don’t want you to get sick of me, either.”

“Jensen,” Misha groans and shoves his head affectionately. Jensen chuckles and catches hold of Misha’s hand, so Misha runs his thumb over Jensen’s palm. “Try to trust me, please. I am not going to get sick of you. And I’d love to live with you — it would settle the question of ‘your place or mine’ for good.”

“And since we usually ended up at yours anyway,” Jensen says, and he lifts Misha’s hand to his mouth and kisses the back. “We’re really doing this, aren’t we?” he says quietly. “We’re really together.”

“Yeah,” Misha says and pulls Jensen to him again. He kisses Jensen’s shoulder and Jensen gets comfortable against him. “Now,” Misha begins softly, lips against Jensen’s ear, “when we last left Mort the pony he had just arrived at the court of the sultan of Agracadabreca.”

Jensen chuckles again and breathes more slowly as Misha whispers the story to him. When they kiss good night, Jensen murmurs sleepily, “I really like it here. I really … like it with you.”

Misha kisses him again and says, “I like it with you too, sweetheart. Good night. I love you.”

“Love you,” Jensen murmurs, his hand on the back of Misha’s neck, and Misha falls asleep smiling.

I like where you sleep,
When you sleep next to me.
I like where you sleep… here

♪ “Here In Your Arms”— Hellogoodbye

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  1. Oh, I don’t want this to end, but ’tis inevitable. Sorry I haven’t been commenting. I wanted some days to go by so I could savor the posts. 8^) I love this story. It reminds me of a slow, meandering, tumble down a gently sloping hill. I want to hug this fic! lol

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