renamed: Favorite Son: The Queen of Wands

Because there seems to be some confusion about what The Queen of Wands is about, it’s been renamed and the blurb updated. It is now Favorite Son: The Queen of Wands.

All of his life, J.T. has worked to keep his extended, politically-active family safe from scandal. Since his involvement in the accidental death of Eric Tate, the family’s last golden boy, J.T. has dealt with his guilt by becoming the family’s “cleaner,” tying up inconvenient loose ends under the guidance of the family patriarch.

But when Eric’s son, Charlie, returns to their hometown for the first time in twenty years, J.T. realizes he wants more from life than covering up other people’s mistakes.

Even as he takes young Charlie under his wing and returns the attraction Charlie feels for him, J.T fears the truth about his past will drive Charlie away. Will Charlie and J.T. sacrifice their happiness for the sake of the family, or can they find a way to stay true to each other?

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