Apples & Gin sequel: Apples & Gin: Animal Crackers

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There is a point to all this! In June my story “Apples & Gin” was released in the Going to the Chapel anthology (you can read a NSFW excerpt here.)

The sequel, “Apples & Gin: Animal Crackers” will be out February 6th. I’ve put a little excerpt below.

Noah and Sawyer planned to spend Valentine’s Day together, but bad weather and flight delays have prevented that. So how do two lovers keep in touch two thousand miles apart? Technology.

“Who flies on a Saturday night? Apparently only chumps like me.”

“You’re not a chump. Anyway, it’s your turn. Name something and I’ll tell you what I remember.”

“Okay,” Noah said and thought about it a moment. “Name five of my erogenous zones.”

Sawyer laughed. “Just five?”

“We may revisit this subject later. Besides, I’m bored. Amuse me.”

“Okay,” Sawyer said. “Base of the throat, between the shoulder blades, hip bones, behind your left ear and the bottoms of your feet.”

“You are good,” Noah said and curled his toes in his shoes. “Dammit, I miss you even more now.”

“I’m sorry. Should I talk about something boring instead? Like wedding plans? We keep avoiding those.”

“I know,” Noah said, sighing. “I don’t want to plan this. Can’t Jeannie plan this?”

“Jeannie’s planning her own wedding. I don’t want to make her plan ours, too.” Sawyer sighed too and Noah heard him flop onto their bed. “Look, all we have to do is decide where we’re going and when to go there. Then we can get married in a city hall, we can just wear suits and invite family, and then we can come back to L.A. and have a big party for our friends at a museum or something.”

“If we’re having a big party,” Noah said patiently, “we still have to decide where and when and what people will eat and what music they’ll listen to. Even what color napkins they’ll wipe their mouths with.”

“No wonder we’ve been putting this off,” Sawyer said. “You’d think two gay men would be able to figure this out.”

“I know,” Noah said, wrinkling his nose. “I like blue. Should we do blue?”

“I like blue. Jeannie mentioned seersucker suits.”

Noah rolled his eyes. “Jeannie is not allowed to plan this if that’s what she’s thinking.”

“Not for us, for hers. The groomsmen in seersucker suits. Since I’m the best man I’ll have to wear a seersucker suit. Possibly with a bowtie.”

Noah laughed hard enough to make the other waiting passengers look at him. “You’ll look like a barbershop quartet,” he managed to gasp.

“Hey, you’re in this too. And we are going to sing.”

“No,” Noah said, “no, no, no. No seersucker. No bowties. No singing.”

“You sing beautifully,” Sawyer said. “I’ve heard you. I’ve begged you to sing on one of my songs and you won’t and it breaks my fuckin’ heart, it really does. You know what I want for Valentine’s Day? I want you to sing backup on one of my songs.”

“Write me another song,” Noah said, smiling. “Maybe I will.”

I love these guys. They’re so much fun.

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