Forces of Attraction

Title: Forces of Attraction Author: Fandom: Torchwood Pairing: Jack/Ianto Warning: Smut. Word Count: 2560 Rating: NC-17 Summary: When two bodies fall together. Notes: Written at the request of , for . She said "Have fun!" so I did. Jack was the element of chaos in Ianto's orderly system. The strange attractor. The irresistible force that… Continue reading Forces of Attraction

So Hot That I Melted

Title: So Hot That I Melted Author: Fandom: Supernatural Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester Warning: Smut. Word Count: 5100 Rating: NC-17 Summary: Having a boyfriend is awesome. Having a boyfriend who disappears for days at a time is not awesome. Notes: Just an interlude to let the boys have some time together. Title is from "I'm Yours"… Continue reading So Hot That I Melted

Softer and More Beautiful

Title: Softer and More Beautiful Author: Fandom: Supernatural Pairing: Dean/Castiel Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Smut, demon fighting, gratuitous pop culture references, angel angst Spoilers: Set after 5x10, "Abandon All Hope" Word count: 8400 Summary: Christmas is a human celebration, and Castiel is with a couple of humans. Author notes: Written for , for . Thank you… Continue reading Softer and More Beautiful

And They’re There For You

Title: And They're There For You Author: Fandom: The Graveyard Book Rating: G Warnings: None Spoilers: None Word count: 1500 Summary: Bod's family isn't like other families. Author notes: Written for , for . Thank you to for beta. Thank you to for reading the podfic: And They're There For You The stars are the… Continue reading And They’re There For You