Fanmix: Ballad of a Denim Boy and a Grey Girl

Title: Ballad of a Denim Boy and a Grey Girl
Fandom: Twilight
Medium: Books
Pairing: Jacob Black/Bella Swann
Warning: None
Notes: A while back I asked my friendslist for fanmix prompts. asked for a Jacob/Bella friendship mix.

… I may have let some latent ‘shippiness creep in.

Ballad of a denim boy and a grey girl

Song list

Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl – Steve Carlson
They had faith in each other
Everything felt right
At a backyard party on a Saturday night
They found each other
Underneath the light of the moon
They celebrated summer soon

Sister, Do You Know My Name? – the White Stripes
Every time I see you I wonder why
I don’t break a couple rules so that you notice me

Miss Sunflower – Ryan Adams
She’s got the brown eyes
They’re pretty as hell
And they’ll burn through your shirt
If you’re holding her still

Books Written for Girls (acoustic) – Camera Obscura
Now I think separation is okay
‘Cause you’re no star to guide me anyway
You only wanted me to play

My Best Friend – Kate Todd
The higher I climb you’re a branch that just won’t bend
And if I fall you’ll catch me in the end

My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend – Relient K
So then along comes me
This undeserving mess
Who would believe
My life would be so blessed
Two years ago
When he left all that debris
Who would have known
He would leave everything I need

Telescope Eyes – Eisley
I’m just like you
I know you know
I’m just like you
So leave me alone

Hero/Heroine – Boys Like Girls
And I feel a weakness coming on
Never felt so good to be so wrong
Had my heart all locked down
And then you turned me around
I’m feeling like a new born child
Every time I get a chance to see you smile

Venus as a Boy – Björk
He believes in beauty

Dreamgirl – Dave Matthews Band
Well I was feeling like a creep,
As I watched you asleep.
Face down in the grass,
In the park in the middle of a hot afternoon.
Your top was untied,
And I thought ‘how nice it’ll be the fall of your sweat down your spine.’

You Are the Moon – The Hush Sound
All the light that you possess
Is skewed by lakes and seas
The shattered surface, so imperfect

Tables and Chairs – Andrew Bird
If we can call them friends then we can call them on their telephones
And they won’t pretend that they’re too busy or that they’re not alone
And if we can call them friends then we can call

Less Than Love – the Normals
Almost every girl I’ve ever kissed has married
That’s not a lot of weddings
But it’s sure a crazy thought
And though they all seem now like someone else’s story
I wonder what we paid for what we got…

.zipBallad of a denim boy and a grey girl

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