word count

Oh, hey, I never posted September’s word count, did I?

29636 / 16000 words. 185% done!

And here’s October’s:

30230 / 16000 words. 189% done!

And here’s the yearly word count:

205839 / 200000 words. 103% done!

I was so uncertain when I started this that I could make the goal, but, well, look at that. I don’t think I’ll be at 250,000 by year’s end, but over 210,000 would be just fine. Which I’m already creeping towards . . .

I don’t know what my goal will be for next year, if I’ll try for 200,000 again or more or less. I know I want to write more publishable stuff next year, since I Have Plans that require me to be more prolific, but there’s no predicting how the brain is going to work, you know? (I hate to say “the Muse” or something silly like that—it’s too passive. But inspiration is like a capricious goddess much of the time.)

Anyway. I don’t have to figure it out tonight.

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