Fanmix: Objects in Space

Title: Objects In Space
Fandom: Firefly
Medium: Television
Warning: None
Notes: A while back I asked my friendslist for fanmix prompts. gave me the prompt of Firefly.

This mix is more for the feel of the series than any particular character or pairing.

Objects in Space (front)

Objects in Space (back)


  1. My Hero, Foo Fighters
    Don’t the best of them bleed it out
    While the rest of them peter out
    Truth or consequence, say it aloud
    Use that evidence, race it around
  2. The Song They Sang When Rome Fell, Anais Mitchell
    ‘Cause we got the champagne and the gasoline
    We got everything to lose
    We can’t say our hands are clean
    Can we die in our dancing shoes?
  3. Go Fly Blind, Matthew Good Band
    And if anyone asks you why you took your mask off
    Just say you were never really there
    And you can walk tragically into the distance
    And I can stand here crying in the rain
    And if anybody asks you if it ever made me crazy
    Just say I thought it was boring to be sane
  4. I Still Remember, Blackmore’s Night
    I had a dream of you and I
    A thousand stars lit up the sky
    I touched your hand and you were gone
    But memories of you live on
  5. Something Dark Is Coming, Bear McCreary
  6. In the Name Of the Father, U2
    In the name of freedom
    You drifted away
    To see the sun shining
    On someone else’s day
  7. Drunken Hands, Christian Kjellvander
    You landed here with fear
    Gone north and put to rest
    The cross around your neck is now
    Buried in your chest
  8. Tsunami Mix, Seiichi Tanaka and Taiko Dojo
  9. With this Knife, Smile Empty Soul
    With this knife i’ll cut out the part of me
    The part that cares for you
    With this knife i’ll cut out the heart of me
    The heart that cares for you
  10. The Big Guns, Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
    First I’ll build a sword
    Get some words to explain
    It’s a plan, brother, at least
    And I’ll pretend that everybody here wants peace
  11. The Wanderer, U2
    I went out there in search of experience,
    To taste and to touch
    And to feel as much
    As a man can before he repents.

11 songs, 58.8 minutes, 57.2 MB

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