Rainbow Awards

Elisa Rolle is creating the LGBT Rainbow Awards and is taking nominations in the following categories: Fiction Contemporary Contemporary Erotica Fantasy Futuristic Historical Historical Erotica Paranormal / Horror Paranormal / Horror Erotica Mystery / Thriller Coming of Age / Young Adult Comedy Non Fiction General Non Fiction Biography / Memoir History Poetry Travel Further details… Continue reading Rainbow Awards

quick and dirty poll

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve seen in a movie/read in a book/said or been said to you? My number one is from “Fools Rush In,” when Matthew Perry says to Salma Hayak, “You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.” (Not a spoiler: it happens about ten minutes into the film.) So, what’s yours?… Continue reading quick and dirty poll

August word count

The meter is available from Language is a Virus. August total: 24420 / 16000 words. 153% done! Yearly total: 145973 / 200000 words. 73% done! The sad part is, I feel like I’ve written a lot but haven’t accomplished anything. Woe. Mirrored from Jenna Jones.com.