3. The Billionare’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace

the_billionaires_vinegar_cover1This is the true story of several bottles of wine reputed to have been owned by Thomas Jefferson. They were bought by collectors and connoisseurs, and then suspicions began to arise that these bottles, and several others said to be of 18th-century vintage, were frauds.

I basically had two reactions to this book as I was reading. I’m not a drinker, due to my upbringing, and I’m unlikely to ever be due to health issues, so the chapters on how wine tastings go and how wine actually tastes were interesting, as were things like learning about chateaux and first growths. But it’s also hard for me to feel sympathetic towards the superwealthy who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a bottle of wine they never intended to drink. I mean, holy conspicuous consumption, Batman.

So, while it’s well-written and taught me a lot about the world of wine, it also pointed out to me this is a world I’d never want to join. *knocks back a can of green apple Izze*

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