Fanmix: I’ll Be Home Soon

I'll be home soon: a mix for Jimmy Novak

A Mix for Jimmy Novak.

I created this mix for a challenge at the community , for . The challenge was to create a themed mix for Supernatural, and I chose the journey of Castiel’s vessel, Jimmy Novak, as my theme. This version is expanded from the version I submitted for the challenge.

I'll Be Home Soon (front cover) I'll be home soon (backcover)

  1. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing, Sufjan Stevens
    Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
    Seal it for thy courts above.

    “He’s a devout man. He actually prayed for this.”
    This is Jimmy before Castiel entered his life, when he was a man of faith–a willing servant, but he had no idea how much actually serving the Lord would cost him.
  2. Angelic Voices (Rebirth Remix), B-Tribe
    One hand reaches,
    Reaches for the bank,
    Where the spring sleeps,
    And the bird, the bird sings.

    This song is an electronica remix of the “Flower Song” from the opera “Lakme.” It represents Jimmy’s visions and conversations with Castiel as Castiel tests his willingness and ability to be a vessel. It’s more about the sound and feel of the track than the lyrical content.
  3. Surrendering, Alanis Morissette
    And I support you in your trusting
    And I commend you for your wisdom
    And I’m amazed by your surrender in the face of threatening forces
    That I represent

    Jimmy turns his body over to Castiel. He knows it will be hard but Castiel has promised to look after his family.
  4. Stairway to Bootleg Heaven (Dolly Parton/Eurythmics/Beatles/Laurie Anderson/Art Of Noise/Beastie Boys/Pat Benatar), DJ Earworm
    There’s a feeling I get
    When I look to the west,
    And my spirit is crying for leaving.

    Jimmy is overwhelmed by Castiel. Again, a song more about the sound than the lyrics: I chose it to represent the experience of being a vessel, of only being aware of what’s going on part of the time, of your body being wounded and healed and dragged all over the world, of witnessing something divine without being able to react or control it.
  5. Jesus Walks, Kanye West
    I want to talk to God but I’m afraid ’cause we ain’t spoke in so long
    Castiel is a soldier of God, and Jimmy wonders if being in this battle is worth the hardship.
  6. Don’t Give Up, Whitest Boy Alive
    Give me a reason to stay constantly ignored
    I don’t think I can
    Give me an angle that I haven’t tried before
    Not from where I stand

    Being the vessel of an angel is harder than Jimmy ever imagined and he clings to his faith to carry him through.
  7. I’ll Be Home Soon, The Normals
    And if you have a place
    Where you belong
    You’re a lucky one

    I can’t believe I’ll be there
    And this time I can stay

    Jimmy endures the hardship of being a vessel in the hopes he’ll get to go home someday.
  8. Silence, Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan
    Heaven holds a sense of wonder
    and I wanted to believe it

    Jimmy wakes to find Castiel has left him and he’s now in the care of the Winchesters.
  9. Room of Angel, Akira Yamaoka
    Where is the light? Wonder if it’s weeping somewhere . . .
    Jimmy tries to leave the battle behind. He’s done with being a vessel. Of course, it’s never that easy.
  10. Cherry Blossom Girl, Air
    I just want to say ‘Hi’
    To the one I love

    Jimmy has a brief respite at home with his wife and daughter.
  11. Universe, Sarah Slean
    “Oh,” she said, “you mean that little ant farm?
    Don’t worry, dear, I have other plans.”

    Angels and demons are largely indifferent to the needs of men. Neither group hesitates to use Jimmy (or Claire) to achieve their ends.
  12. I Will Be There When You Die,Godspeed You Black Emperor!
    There will be days of peace you’ll
    Never have the time.
    as long as you keep a straight face,
    I will be there when you die.

    As Jimmy lies dying, fatally wounded by the demons, Castiel tells Jimmy he can be at peace now, and “rest forever in the fields of the Lord.”
  13. Breakable, Ingrid Michaelson
    So it’s fairly simple to cut right through the mess,
    And to stop the muscle that makes us confess
    And we are so fragile,
    And our cracking bones make noise

    Jimmy begs Castiel to leave Claire’s body and take his again so she won’t suffer what he suffered as the vessel.
  14. Abraham, Sufjan Stevens
    Take up on the wood,
    put it on your son.

    Normally when I do a mix I avoid using the same artists twice, but here I wanted a sense of things coming full circle. Jimmy is no longer the simple man of faith he used to be: he now knows the cost of being a vessel, and what it has done to his family, and that he can never go back to them. He sacrifices himself and the eternity in Heaven that Castiel promised him in order to protect them. His faith is shattered but his love for his family is still strong.


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