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What’s the oldest book you own?
At my mom’s, we still have the Little House on the Prairie series–some I inherited from my older sister, the rest I bought myself or was given. At my own place, it’s probably Starting From Scratch by Rita Mae Brown. It’s a writer’s manual that my dad bought for me when I was a teeneager. I still reread it.

What’s the newest book you own?
I bought a couple at the Tattered Cover while I was visiting Denver in May. The Billionaire’s Vinegar, Fight Club, one or two others that I can’t remember at the moment.

Name a book that you like to have easily accessible?
Comfort lit, like most of my Jennifer Crusie, and reference books.

These are actual books in one of my actual bookcases

Name a book that you like to have easily noticeable (for reasons of pretension or ’cause it’s pretty)?
The books in my front room are mostly non-fiction and classics, though I’ve also got a shelf dedicated to Neil Gaiman and another to C.S. Lewis. And one with Dr. Seuss and A.A. Milne :D .

What’s the nicest book or set of books that you own?
My Shakespeare. Everybody needs a good Shakespeare. I bought it for a class–I actually bought a used book, and then decided since they had these really nice new editions to get that, and it would be my Shakespeare for life. And so far it has been.

What’s the most battered, most loved book that you own?
I wore the covers off a hardcover edition of Little Women, I read it so much growing up. In my house now it’s probably . . . Fast Women. I reread that one a lot. (Though some of my cookbooks show a lot of use and wear. Cookbooks should, though.)

Have you encountered a book that felt especially nice to hold?
I actually love books for the smell, not the feel, generally. I’m thinking of some lovely old books I encountered in various college libraries while researching one thing or another, mostly, and that smell of leather and old paper and glue. Mm.

Do you arrange books by author, title, genre, vibe, color or not at all?
Well. . . non-fiction is in one part of the apartment, mostly (though all my Jane Austen is on the same shelf with the books about her time and life), then fiction is another, mostly, and all my books on writing are in one bookcase along with all my poetry . . . authors are generally shelved together, though more in order of beloved-ness than anything else . . . books I intend to read soon are in the bookcase by the front door . . . the manga is on the same shelf as the cartoon collections . . . the only important thing is that I know where everything is, right?

Do library / borrowed books feel as nice as books you own?
No. I hate the acetate covers most library books are covered with nowadays. Ruins it for me entirely.

What format of book do you most like holding? (i.e., paperback, hardback, trade paperback, graphic novel…)
It depends entirely on my reading circumstances. If I’m reading in the tub, I prefer a mass market paperback. If I’m at a place where I can set the book down flat, I’m fine with a hardcover or thick trade paperback or graphic novel. If I’m sitting without a surface, I’d prefer any kind of softcover. Etc.

Do you have any hidden books?
No, but I have told my younger sister that I want her to be the one to pack up my things when I die.

What books would you keep in your (real or hypothetical) spare room for guests to read?
The guests I tend to have usually bring their own books.

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