Apocalyptic Love Songs Soundtrack

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  1. The Man Comes Around, Johnny Cash
    Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still.
    Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still.
    Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still.
    Listen to the words long written down,
    When the man comes around.
  2. All Along the Watchtower, BT4
    But you and I we’ve been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour’s getting late
  3. I’m Not Driving Anymore, Rob Dougan
    I wanna fade out gracefully
    but you keep keeping me alive
    to face another day
  4. Gravity, Sara Bareilles
    I live here on my knees
    As I try to make you see
    That you’re everything I think I need
  5. Ocean, Antje Duvekot
    We are infants, you are old
    We have battling mountains, we have done what we were told
    We have been fighting this no-win war
    We will not fight anymore
  6. Unsung Psalm, Tracy Chapman
    But I’m feeling hot and bothered under the collar
    I feel the sweat breaking out on my brow
    I feel the heat and I know its the passion
    The love I cant disavow
  7. Heroes, David Bowie
    I, I can remember standing by the wall
    And the guns shot above our heads
    And we kissed as though nothing could fall
  8. When I Look At the World, U2
    When there’s all kinds of chaos
    And everyone is walking lame
    You don’t even blink now do you
    Don’t even look away
  9. When All Around Has Fallen, Delirious?
    Come, come lay your weary head be still my friend
    Come, rise I’ll place my sword upon your shoulder
    Come, rise with me
  10. Let Me Be Your Armor, Assemblage 23
    Let me take the blows that were meant for you
    Let me help you with the trials you’re going through
    Let me keep you safe from the world outside
    Let me wipe away the tears that fill your eyes
  11. Apocalypse Lullaby, the Wailin’ Jennys
    Faster than a ship
    Further than bomb
    See the glowing grid
    Send love throughout the throng
  12. All I Need, Mat Kearney
    If everything we’ve got is blowing away
    We’ve got a rock and a rock till our dying day
    I’m holding on to you, holding on to me
    Maybe it’s all we got but it’s all I need
  13. 7 Keys, Aqualung
    It wasn’t open but somehow you let yourself in
    Closed off and broken, I never wanted to go there again
    I wasn’t waiting but you came at just the right time
    Maybe I’m wasted, I never knew I could feel so alive
  14. Falling Slowly, the Frames
    You have suffered enough
    And warred with yourself
    It’s time that you won
  15. Apocalyptic Love Song, GrooveLily
    I never thought I’d feel like this,
    Like I could die right here
  16. A Thousand Kisses Deep, Leonard Cohen
    And maybe I had miles to drive,
    And promises to keep:
    You ditch it all to stay alive,
    A thousand kisses deep.
  17. My Lover Man, Bruce Springsteen
    I don’t mean to cause you hurt or cause you pain
    Life is short and love’s a dirty game
    Now there’s no need for our game to end
    Come close and we’ll begin
  18. Love Me Like the World is Ending, Ben Lee
    This is the last day of existence.
    And all I want is you.
    There’s a certain sadness.
    But I know, I know, I know,
    The sky is what makes the ocean blue.
  19. Into My Arms, Nick Cave
    And I don’t believe in the existence of angels
    But looking at you I wonder if that’s true
    But if I did I would summon them together
    And ask them to watch over you
  20. Walking After You, Foo Fighters
    If you’d accept surrender, I’ll give up some more
    Weren’t you adored
    I cannot be without you, matter of fact
    I’m on your back, I’m on your back, I’m on your back
  21. The World Spins Madly On, the Weepies
    I let the day go by
    I always say goodbye
    I watch the stars from my window sill
    The whole world is moving and I’m standing still
  22. Endless Skies, VNV Nation
    How many years
    How many years
    Since you found yourself
    Staring at an endless sky?
  23. The Planets Bend Between Us, Snow Patrol
    The shells crack under our shoes
    Like punctuation points
    The planets bend between us
    A hundred million suns and stars


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