Apocalyptic Love Songs Master Post

Fic title: Apocalyptic Love Songs
Author name:
Artist name:
Genre: slash (m/m)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17 (violence, sex, language)
Word count: 63,900
Warnings/Spoilers: An alternative ending to season 4. Goes AU after “It’s a Terrible Life.” Massive Dean whumpage.
Summary: The days are ticking down to the Apocalypse, the last guardian of the Holy Grail is dead, Sam Winchester is growing closer to going Dark Side and Dean Winchester is in love with the last person he ever expected. Castiel and three mysterious women send the brothers on a cross-country quest for the four Grail treasures, while they run from both a sorcerer with grudge and a nameless monster. Injured and uncertain he can actually stop the Apocalypse, Dean struggles to save the world, his brother, and the Grail, and to find a way to be with the angel he loves.
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