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Apocalyptic Love Songs 7

“Yeah,” Dean muttered and stuffed the cash into his back pocket. “People keep telling me that.”

“Dean!” Sam called from the top of the stairs. “Ready?”

“Just about. Just need to get the Grail. Will you get the malachite stones from Bobby’s bedroom? All but one.”

“Sure,” Sam said and disappeared again.

As he went down to the panic room, Dean wondered about Bobby’s dreams — he’d had similar dreams himself, but that was out of fear, not prophecy. He didn’t have prophetic dreams unless Castiel was giving them to him, but Bobby was a different case. Who knew what beings might be on Bobby’s side, nudging him here and there, guiding him along.

He picked up the briefcase and checked the locks, gave it a pat and went back upstairs.


They say across the country stained glass windows cracked but did not break.

They say across the country prayer candles blew themselves out, and altar boys dropped to the ground, twitching and speaking in tongues.

They say across the country statues of Mary wept tears of blood.

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