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Apocalyptic Love Songs 13

Dean looked away, his eyes stinging. Cas.

Sam said, “We’re not entirely sure what happens now, but we do know these will be safe here. You’ll be safe,” he added gently, and the clergywoman smiled a tiny bit.

“I’ll take good care of them. You tell — if you see them again — you tell the others I’ll take care of them.”

Dean nodded and stood, and Sam did as well. They started to leave the office when the minister called, “Son, boys,” and they stopped and looked at her. “Thank you,” she said, seriously, and all Dean and Sam could do was nod in acknowledgment and continue on their way.


In many ways, the story ends there. The grail was safe, the world was still neither Heaven nor Hell, and the two sons of John Winchester were back on the road.

Some say the Winchesters went right on hunting, because even if the Apocalypse had been prevented the gates of Hell were still leaky, and there would always be demons and monsters and restless dead.

Some say the Winchesters gave up hunting — that they had earned a rest and fully intended to take it. Some say if you find them they’ll tell you stories and give you advice, but they will not join you in any hunt. Some say they are reclusive and don’t take kindly to strangers.

Some say the Winchesters are just a story, told to give people hope that an ordinary man can save the world. Some say the story is told just to earn the teller a few free beers.


There is one more part to the tale. It’s not part of the story the hunters tell.

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