GLBT bookshelf / Torquere Books sale

The GLBT Bookshelf is a wiki and storefront for finding and purchasing gay books. It’s a community effort: publishers, artists, authors and readers can participate, with links to books, reviews, art, and more. While the cat’s away, the mice will… have a sale! Get 15% off on your purchases at Torquere Books Friday, Saturday and… Continue reading GLBT bookshelf / Torquere Books sale

June wordcount

June wordcount: 4835 / 16000 words. 30% done! *sighs* 2009 wordcount: 109557 / 200000 words. 55% done! *sighs again* But, July wordcount so far: 1249 / 16000 words. 8% done! Projects for July: fic exchange story (2000+ words) charity sip for Torquere (3000-8000 words) the big damn movie the eight of wands Arcana Mirrored from… Continue reading June wordcount