observations and a squeal

Observation #1: I’m vastly amused at how most of the spam jj.com has been receiving lately has been “See [insert various actress here] nude!!!!!!” I mean, talk about your misdirected marketing.

Observation #2: You really should not leave me along with a theme switcher and a browser, because I will change things. Longtime readers will recognize this one, which has always been one of my favorites, I admit. It’s just so clean and simple and pretty without being, you know, overly girly. My apologies to anyone who’s been reading today while I’ve been messing around.

The Squeal: Ten days until Going to the Chapel comes out! I’m tempted to set up a countdown thingamajig, just for the fun of it.

Who wants an excerpt? Well, you’re getting one anyway. This is most decidedly not safe for work.

Sawyer grinned and leapt up, grabbed Noah’s hand and pulled him to his feet. “The magic words, brown-eyed handsome man.” Noah let Sawyer pull him along, laughing when Sawyer stopped and kissed him and tugged his shirt over his head. Noah grabbed Sawyer’s shirt as well and yanked it off, grinning at the sound of buttons rattling on the deck, and Sawyer muttered into his mouth, “I liked that shirt.”

“I’ll fix that shirt.” Sawyer wore a T-shirt under his button-down, and Noah slid his hands up under it along his back.

“Liar. You can’t sew.” Sawyer’s fingers raked through Noah’s hair and pulled back his head to give him a hard, long kiss.

Noah inhaled and held Sawyer’s waist, stroking his back with his fingertips. Seven years and his heart still raced when Sawyer kissed him like this. He whispered, “I hope I never fall out of love with you.” Sawyer laughed and stepped out his arms. He pulled his T-shirt off slowly, sucking in his belly and arching his back, and Noah growled and grabbed him for another kiss.

“Fuck, I love you,” Sawyer said and pulled on Noah’s hips to get him into the house.

Noah kissed him again when they were inside and pushed him against the nearest wall. He’d never dare do this in the day, not with their big windows and the neighbors just across the canal, but at night he could do anything — including pulling down Sawyer’s jeans as he slid down onto his knees.

“Oh,” Sawyer breathed, his hand raking through Noah’s hair, “I’ve been wanting this all night.”

Noah chuckled and pressed Sawyer harder against the wall, palms on Sawyer’s hips, and slowly sucked Sawyer’s cock into his mouth. Sawyer’s responding moan was gratifyingly rough, and the way he filled Noah’s mouth told him it wouldn’t be long tonight. He pinned Sawyer to the wall by his hips, licking him slowly and thoroughly, until Sawyer clutched at his hair and shouted and fell back against the wall.

Noah pulled off and licked his lips. He stood and leaned into Sawyer’s body, his hands on either side of Sawyer’s head. Sawyer blinked at him with dark, blissful eyes. “Nice B.J., babe.”

Noah laughed and kissed him, licking deep into his mouth and laughing more as Sawyer grabbed his face to kiss him harder. “C’mon,” Noah said and cleared his throat to clear out the rasp. “I wanna do stuff to ya.”

“Stuff! My favorite thing!” Sawyer said and chased him up the stairs.

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