this is a self-indulgent post

‘Round about 1999, I had a terrible case of writer’s block. I didn’t write a thing that I didn’t hate for six months or so. When I refer to this episode, I always call it the Bad Nasty Evil Writer’s Block, because it made me so miserable that when I finally did start writing again… Continue reading this is a self-indulgent post

guest blog: On continuity

I just got my most recent work in progress up to the 50-page mark – barely a dent in my total word count for the year, since I keep getting distracted by fanfic, but a milestone nonetheless. This is the first long project I’ve felt much confidence in, when it comes to looking toward the… Continue reading guest blog: On continuity

hosting at torquere_social

I’m hosting today at torquere_social today. You don’t need a Livejournal account to comment (though they’re free to create): you can comment anonymously (though signing your name is nice) or use OpenID. I’ve got a little contest going to win an ebook copy of the Going to the Chapel anthology. Come over, come over! Mirrored… Continue reading hosting at torquere_social

Heart Toward the Highway by Valiant

Heart Toward the Highway By: valiant Fandom: Supernatural Genre: het Pairing: John Winchester/Jo Harvelle Rating: NSFW Summary: Jo, fresh out of high school, has left home and wound up on the road with John, trying to learn the ropes from someone who isn't exactly sharing and caring. John, distant and impatient, isn't really a partner,… Continue reading Heart Toward the Highway by Valiant

Talking Points by Winterlive

Talking Points By: winterlive Fandom: Supernatural RPS Genre: AU Pairing: Jared/Jensen Rating: NSFW Summary: Texas state senator Jensen Ackles (D-16) is a dyed-in-the-wool idealist, a squeaky-clean boy scout, and a notorious press-dodger. His star is on the rise, and it's worth a career to get the scoop on him. The L.A. Times' star reporter Jared… Continue reading Talking Points by Winterlive

Entangled Alliances by rei_c

Entangled Alliances By: rei_c Fandom: Supernatural Genre: AU Pairing: Sam/Dean (UST) Rating: NSFW Summary: In a world where Hunters and Witches have formed an alliance to protect humans from Rogues, Dean Winchester is a Master Hunter. The last of a long line of Hunters, Dean is on the trail of Azazel, one of the most… Continue reading Entangled Alliances by rei_c

I’ve Seen the Future Brother by kroki_refur

I've Seen the Future Brother (it is murder) By: kroki_refur Fandom: Supernatural Genre: Gen Spoilers: Spoilers to 4x20 Rating: SFW Summary: At the end of the world, Dean meets a man who offers him a chance to go back and make it all right. All he has to do is figure out exactly where it… Continue reading I’ve Seen the Future Brother by kroki_refur