What’s this? Something new?

I signed up for two challenges this year: Cannonball Read and Get Your Words Out. I planned originally to log them over at another unused domain I have, but I’ve since decided to centralize things more and post my word counts (lots of those) and my book reviews (not so many of those) here instead. They’ll still be mirrored over at Livejournal, as well.

Old entries about the challenges have been imported here. (They fall into two camps: “Look how much I’ve written!” and “I have no time to read!” The two challenges are mutually exclusive, it would seem. Alas.)

I’ve created a new page: Challenges, to track what I’m reading or working on.

If you want to join in, the Cannonball Read is open to all comers at any time. Get Your Words Out will open again at the end of December.

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