31 days to a better blog: catching up

I’ve been slacking. I’ve been preoccupied with a few things: the amazonfail fiasco, finishing a big project (a fandom thing that will be posted some time in June), editing Apples & Gin (also out sometime in June, I’ll post the release date once I know what it is)—so the exercises for 31dbbb haven’t been a priority.

Also. Hello to all the people who’ve been stopping by in the last couple days. There are quite a lot of you. Say hello, won’t you?

Just a few things of catching-up variety:

  • There will be some guest bloggers in the coming months. I’ve asked some friends to write little opinion or advice pieces that will be posted here, probably on the last day of the month.
  • I’m looking into doing things in a more structured way, too. The trouble is I usually just post here when I feel inspired; and if I don’t feel inspired, I don’t post here. Which can mean sometimes weeks pass without a post. On the one hand, this site is primarily book information, as far as I’m concerned; on the other hand, when it’s also months between releases, things can get a little dull around here. But I’m looking to fix that. (For some reason my inner Texan wants to say “I’m fixin’ to fix that.” Oh, dear.) I intend to use the calendar a bit more in that regard: topics and guest bloggers will be posted there.
  • Question for you all: I love music and I love making music mixes, and I’ve made one for most of the stories I’ve written. Would you be interested in seeing these, O Audience? (This would be just the playlist, no downloads.)

And that’s all for now, I think. The day job is going to want me in a few.

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