Progress bars for March

The link on this seems not to carry over the way it ought, so here: Language is a virus progress meter bars. Intended for Nanowrimo, but useful for anyone who likes progress bars. I like this site more than most because it generates a table rather than depends on linking to an image, so your progress bar isn’t affected by server issues or an overabundance of users.


March wordcount:

44094 / 16000 words. 276% done!

I had a very good month. Usually over 1000 words a day, sometimes over 3000, over 5000 once. Very, very good month.

YTD wordcount:

84069 / 200000 words. 42% done!

I’ve been worrying a bit lately if I’d be at the halfway point for my pledge by June. I suspect that’s no longer an issue. *knocks wood*

Story-in-progress wordcount:

48555 / 20000 words. 243% done!

I expect to have the rough draft of Story Number 1 completed by the end of the week, and then I have to decide what’s next: the screenplay (of which I already have about 20 usable pages), the next novel in my series (of which I have about 12,000 words, I believe) or the next novel after that (which has a title and a vague plot, but not much else.) Or something else. This story is the last fanfic I plan on for the year, and the rest is either spec or probable paying gigs.

But you know what they say about best-laid plans.

I am, if I’m being perfectly honest, a little worried that after the sheer . . . abandon of Story Number 1, everything else won’t be as much fun or as inspiring or flow as easily. If writing starts feeling like a chore—which sometimes it does—it’s really easy to get discouraged. And that never helps.

But first I’m finishing Story Number 1.

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