What’s this? Something new?

I signed up for two challenges this year: Cannonball Read and Get Your Words Out. I planned originally to log them over at another unused domain I have, but I’ve since decided to centralize things more and post my word counts (lots of those) and my book reviews (not so many of those) here instead.… Continue reading What’s this? Something new?

new review for The Best Man

Always makes me happy, reviews. Ley at Joyfully Reviewed says, Great story! In the beginning of The Best Man Zack was not an endearing person and he did not deserve Quaid. In fact, he was lucky to have someone as caring and unselfish as Quaid love him for so long, but ironically he thought Quaid… Continue reading new review for The Best Man

31 days to a better blog: catching up

I’ve been slacking. I’ve been preoccupied with a few things: the amazonfail fiasco, finishing a big project (a fandom thing that will be posted some time in June), editing Apples & Gin (also out sometime in June, I’ll post the release date once I know what it is)—so the exercises for 31dbbb haven’t been a… Continue reading 31 days to a better blog: catching up

1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

It only took four months, but ladies and gentlemen, I have read. a. novel. I decided to start with something familiar. I read this book first when I was twelve or so, and Bronte’s style—her long, luxurious sentences, her dense grammar, her rich and evocative adjectives—influenced my writing for years. I even have a pen… Continue reading 1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Shenanigans at Amazon

Amazon has decided to drop all “adult” titles from their sales rankings. The interesting part is how they’re defining “adult”: John Barrowman’s autobiography Anything Goes, Mark Probst’s The Filly (a YA novel), and Alex Beecroft’s False Colors are all now stripped of their ranks, among several dozen/hundred of novels, nonfiction, biography and even the Advocate’s… Continue reading Shenanigans at Amazon

31 days to a better blog: day 3

Promotion. You know, there’s a reason why I belong to a group on Facebook called “How to Promote Your Book If You’re Introverted, Socially Inept, Badly Organized or Simply Modest.” This is the most useful method I have available, I think: the RSS feed: have notifications of new entries automatically delivered to your RSS reader… Continue reading 31 days to a better blog: day 3