first lines meme

I do a lot more of these in my personal blog, but it’s appropriate here, this time around. These are the first lines of everything I’m working on right now (minus the script). There’s some fanfic in there too: I’m in thrall to a new obsession, and it manifests itself in fic.

Untitled Dean/Castiel sequel:
Sam slept soundly in the other bed, but Dean was awake when Castiel joined him.

the going to the chapel story:
It was a small party, only thirty or so people.

Untitled Supernatural post-series thing:
His name is Daniel.

A Taste of Honey, attempt #9576777:
The cake was a traditional three-tier wedding cake, chocolate, with white fondant and intricately-piped white decorations like Victorian wallpaper.

Cartography for Beginners:
The moment Leo Bellamy finished introducing the band, the crowd leaped to life and the music began.

Edit: Since this keeps getting hits from people looking for fanfiction, you can read my fanfic at Enjoy.

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