Tart on the Side

Title: Tart on the Side
Fandom: Crossover/Roleplay (: Torchwood/Robin Hood)
Pairing: Ianto/Marian
Word Count: 155
Rating: SFW
Summary: Ianto is an old-fashioned boy at heart.
Notes: Playing drabble games. For , inspired by this icon:

Tart on the side by dubhartach

It is a sweet and gentle courtship.

Ianto is an old-fashioned boy at heart: he understands about things like courtship and decorum and chastity. Marian is surprisingly modern but more so, she is a woman of her time. No lady of her social standing would be a man’s mistress without extenuating circumstances.

So at most Ianto holds her hand or kisses her forehead. On very special occasions she deigns to sit on his knee and put her arms around his neck. She calls him her valentine. Sometimes there are kisses but mostly there is talk, long walks where she holds his arm, simple gifts of flowers or poems. He even sings for her.

But the fact remains that he is not Robin. She tells him, weeping, that Robin is the love of her life. “I will be his wife or belong to no man,” she tells him, and the pain in Ianto’s face is real.


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  1. Okay … the last line cut deep. He breaks so prettily. Now I have to watch “Robin Hood.”

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