Title: Rhywiol
Fandom: Crossover/Roleplay. (: Torchwood/Stargate: Atlantis)
Pairing: Lorne/Ianto
Word Count: 110
Rating: SFW
Summary: He’s standing against the wall, watching you.
Notes: Playing drabbles games. For , inspired by this icon:


He’s standing against the wall, watching you. The party is going on all around you but the room narrows down to just the two of you and his dark, steady gaze.

I want you, baby, his eyes say. I want you alone and naked.

You gaze back as steadily as you can. I want you too, cariadfab. But you’re the hosts of this party–you can’t just get up and leave, no matter how much half-dressed party sex appeals right now.

He smirks. Flexes his arm a little: he knows how much you like his tattoo. And still gives you the steady gaze of I can’t wait to get you alone.


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