Something Beautiful and Chiaroscuro will both be released in print next week, and some of my friends and readers have expressed interest in getting their copies signed. I have a poll in my other journal here to get an idea of how many people would be interested and the best way to go about doing… Continue reading

I love a little shop

So I've opened one :D. My Cafe Press shop is now open! There's just one design available at the moment but I'll be adding more. I'll also take suggestions for products (depending on what's available from Cafe Press, of course) and designs to add. My favorite is the barbecue apron. And now, have a little… Continue reading I love a little shop

I like t-shirts, and I've been wanting to do some book-related t-shirts for a while. But I've wanted to so something a little . . . off the beaten path, maybe? Those of you who've read Chiaroscuro know a lot of the action takes place in the Gallagher family bakery, so the plan is to… Continue reading