a side project

The Zombie Radio Project is an original radio drama based on the premise that a zombie apocalypse has happened, and now those not necessarily prepared for survival must do exactly that. This is a drama and character study, not a zombie hunter adventure.There are 3 acts in the play, each one expanding focus from surviving in the domestic United States to the ramifications of total world government collapse. This is an international and multi-ethnic project with 40 different characters from around the world. There are Cold War vs. New Globalization politics, spy networks, international conspiracies, and the new question in our society ‘what do you do without the internet?’.

We are currently looking for actors, PR personal, writers, sound editors, foley artists, composers, musical performers. In short, we’re looking for EVERYONE.

If you’re interested in participating have a look around the site, and feel free to spread the word.

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