5 thoughts on “release date!”

  1. Weeee! Wait a second… June 25th? Whaaat? Two whole months of waiting? You are cruel. I’d been waiting for this one… well since I finished Chiaroscuro.

    Ok. Don’t we at least get a measly chapter, a snippet…just something. After all we have to wait two freaking months to read Something Beautiful. Big eye, beautiful cheating Micah and hot and perfect Dune… doing it.

    Okay, I’m over it. I can wait. and wait…

  2. Just wanted to say (hopefully this isn’t breaking some totally obvious writerly taboo that I’m oblivious to) that I got the review copy of Something Beautiful the other night and LOVE it. I’m in the middle of a project and meant to just read the first couple of chapters, but ended up reading it start to finish in about three hours because I just couldn’t stop myself. SO GOOD. I adored Chiaroscuro and couldn’t believe I’d like this story as much, but as it turned out I think I like it even more and I’m already thinking about re-reading it. (I will use that as a reward for actually having written the review, though.) The characters are fantastic. You really have a gift. 🙂

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