I have done Things

Namely, the Thing I’ve done is move to a new webhost. The domain JennaJones.com is still active, of course; however, as I’m still rebuilding the website there are a few things missing, the LJ-crossposter plugin in particular. So things I’ve posted there this week have not been cross-posted here.

To resolve that, excerpt time! The King’s Diamond comes out in a week so here’s a taste. (I’m so excited about this story, y’all. Trying something completely new is so much fun.)

“Just for tonight,” Damalepazhur said and draped the necklace about the boy’s neck. He had to move Ketu’s soft hair out of the way to fasten the clasp, and the skin of his neck was warm under Damalepazhur’s fingers. The boy blushed like a maiden when Damalepazhur touched his cheeks. “Just for tonight you are a prince, shooting star, king’s diamond, son of the seven rivers.”

Ketu touched the chain and said, “It is heavy.”

He did not rise, and Damalepazhur remained on his knees, looking at the boy’s cloud-colored eyes and the shine of gold against his skin, his soft mouth and the shadow of his evening beard. His neck looked
like it would taste of honey. His lips parted and he licked them, his eyes fixed on the king’s. He whispered, “My lord?”

Damalepazhur came to himself and got to his feet. “Go to your mother,” he said roughly and picked up his forgotten cup of wine.

“My lord?” Ketu said uncertainly, standing as well, and Lukaru, kneeling by the brazier, looked away from them both.

“Go to your mother. I have Lukaru with me and the guards are outside. Go to your mother tonight. I will see you in the morning.” Still the boy hesitated, and Damalepazhur said, “Go now, child.”

“Did I do wrong?”

“Go!” Damalepazhur said, nearly throwing his cup at the boy, and Ketu fled, tearing off the necklace as he went.

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