Update on the big list of next

March: Cartography for Beginners rough draft. STATUS: Well . . . I got about 10,000 words into the rough draft and then it all petered out. April-May: the movie rough draft. STATUS: Still planning on this. I’ve decided to participate in Script Frenzy for inspiration. I have a file box full of primary and secondary… Continue reading Update on the big list of next

Til the Stars Grow Cold

Title: Til the Stars Grow Cold Author: Fandom: Torchwood Characters: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones Word Count: 650 Rating: G Note: Written for 's fluff battle. Prompt: Cafe, gloves, 'til the stars grow cold I meant to write more this weekend but some pro-writing has kept me occupied instead. As far as nights spent weevil hunting went,… Continue reading Til the Stars Grow Cold

FYI: awards time

Smart Bitches Read Trashy Books and Dear Author are doing some book awards this year, and have recruited Speak Its Name to find nominees in the GLBT category. You can leave nominations at Speak Its Name or at This Thing We Do at Livejournal. Originally published at JennaJones.com. You can comment here or there.