the big list of next

. . . is what I’ve been calling my plans for the year. The big list of next looks like this:

March: Cartography for Beginners rough draft.
April-May: the movie rough draft
June-July: Arcana rough and editing
August-Sept-October: Editing Cartography for Beginners
November: Nanowrimo (next SF ‘verse story)
December: REST!!! maybe write some fic.

Though I’m considering writing the Arcana in March and saving the next novel for the summer, but I’m not sure at the moment. What project I will begin tomorrow will depend on which one feels the most ready, and I may surprise myself entirely and decide to start the movie instead. (Unlikely, really, though I got some more material and a good idea from my partner this morning that makes me itch to get this thing going.)

And between all of this there’s editing to be done for the new releases, and maybe some shorts, too. (And the day job and what passes for a social life and all the household things . . .)

I am starting something tomorrow. Don’t know what yet, at the moment. But there will be something.

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