Solid Ground

Title: Solid Ground
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warning: No spoilers, just assumptions
Word Count: 155
Rating: R
Notes: Written for ‘s Pr0ntober.

Back in the days of my first fandom, itty-bitty fics were 155 words. I don’t know why. I prefer it to 100 words most of the time, though: it gives me a little more elbow room.

For . The prompts are “Jack/Ianto, after Jack returns, in Jack’s room.”

Jack is drinking water from a bottle. His body glistens with perspiration; his hair is sweaty, dishevled; his lips are red.

“So unfair,” Ianto mutters and rolls onto his stomach.

“What’s not fair?” He touches Ianto’s back. His fingers are cool. Ianto closes his eyes to keep from moaning.

“You. This. I was going to resist you.”

Jack laughs and drapes himself over Ianto. Ianto lets his head fall onto the cot and keeps his eyes closed. If he looks he’ll want to touch again . . .

“You resisted me,” Jack whispers. “You resisted me manfully for seven hours. I hoped you’d crack after three.” He strokes down Ianto’s back. Ianto sighs as Jack’s fingers draw spirals and waves over his spine.

“So unfair,” he mutters into the thick canvas. “I thought I was over you.”

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Jack says and Ianto shivers at the brush of Jack’s breath. “I’m not over you either.”


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