If We Never Meet Again

Title: If We Never Meet Again
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Warning: Spoilers for “HP & the Order of the Phoenix” and “HP & the Deathly Hollows”
Word Count: 155
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for ‘s Pr0ntober.

Back in the days of my first fandom, itty-bitty fics were 155 words. I don’t know why. I prefer it to 100 words most of the time, though: it gives me a little more elbow room.

For . The prompts are “Sirius/Remus, reunion, the afterlife.”

The sky, if it is the sky, is yellow, white, gold, pink. The air smells like apple blossoms. The grass is a green so rich and deep it looks like gold.

Sirius is by his side. This is how Remus knows this is Heaven.

“When you fell through the veil,” Remus begins and Sirius squeezes his hand to shush him.

“It didn’t hurt.”

“Good,” Remus murmurs, “good.” He is more content than he can remember being in life. He’s not even afraid of the moon anymore. He leans his head on Sirius’s shoulder.

The sun, if it is the sun, is dazzling on the water. The river murmurs and their footsteps are silent on the pearl-colored road. When Sirius pauses and smiles, and tilts his head to the riverbank, Remus follows without question, kisses him without hesitation. This is peace, this is freedom, this is his time.

This is theirs, and it will not end.


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