fic game: the Last of the Time Lords fic challenge

said something about covering “the lost year” and a light bulb went *click*, and so I’m presenting you all a challenge:

the year that never was multifandom fic challenge

Here’s how it works. You pick a Doctor Who or Torchwood character or characters, or another fandom, or invent an original character–or mix and match!–and write a short fic about their lives during the year of the Master. Post either the fic itself or a link to it as a comment to this entry, and I’ll compile and keep a master list.

Rules and Regs

What fandom can I use for a crossover? Any that you can make fit into the Doctor Who universe.

I can use original characters? Yup! Just, you know, make sure they fail the Mary Sue test.

What about requests/prompts? No claims or requests this time around. Your prompt is ‘the Master’s dystopia’, so do with that what you will.

What about repetition of characters or settings? Repetition is allowed. If we get ten stories about Sally Sparrow, yay; if we get ten stories about Jack Bauer, also yay. It’s about the different visions you all bring to the same idea (which is what fanfic is, at its heart, sez I.)

What about length and ratings and all that technical stuff? Ratings: any. Length: let’s say between 100 and 1000 words, though if it goes longer that’s good, too. Do your summaries in the usual way, and if it’s a crossover be sure to mention which other fandom(s) you’re using.

What’s the deadline? I’m going to say August 4, 2007, midnight your time. That gives you just under a month. The master list will be compiled on the 5th.

When can we start posting? As soon as you’re ready.

How do I post the fic as a comment to this entry? Put your title, rating and fandoms if it’s a crossover in the subject line, and copy and paste the fic into the comment box.

How do I post the fic as a link? Put your title, rating and fandoms if it’s a crossover in the subject line, and post the link in the comment box.

Can I post the fic to other comms? Yes! No waiting period.

Is there a limit to how many fics I can write? No! Your only limit is your imagination.

How do I leave feedback to a fic? At the author’s comment if it’s posted in the comments to this entry, or at the fic itself if it’s linked.

Any other questions? Ask me here!

Feel free to pimp this challenge. The more the merrier!

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