Title: Chocolate
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warning: No spoilers. Pure fluff.
Word Count: 500
Rating: R
Summary: Eat a little chocolate every day.
Notes For , who spoils me something awful, and for , who wanted some happy Jack/Ianto.

“I have something for you,” Jack says.

They’re in bed, mostly undressed, and given the way Jack’s hand is moving between Ianto’s legs it’s fair to say Ianto has something for him, too. “Mm?” Ianto murmurs, lost in a haze of arousal. “What?”

“I,” Jack says, moving closer so that his mouth is just above Ianto’s, “have something. For you.”

Ianto arches up into his grip and says, “Yes, yes, whatever, give it to me.”

Jack laughs and kisses him, and then bounces off the bed to find his coat. Ianto groans in protest and raises himself up onto his elbows, watching Jack hunt through the coat’s pockets until he pulls out a small box in triumph. “Here it is!”

“I hope that’s got lube in it,” Ianto says, and laughs hoarsely when Jack beams and pulls out a tube from another pocket.

“This is much better. Well, for the time being.” He puts the tube on the night table, kisses Ianto, and opens the box to reveal four perfect chocolate truffles.

“Sweets, Jack?” Ianto says, a little disappointed because–well, it’s just candy.

“Not just sweets, Ianto–chocolate.” He takes out one truffle and regards it thoughtfully. “See, the thing about chocolate is that it melts at ninety-eight point six degrees. Body temperature.”

Ianto shakes his head. “So?”

“So . . .” Jack places the truffle on Ianto’s skin, at the base of his throat. “So, I want this to melt a little.”

“Jack,” Ianto says in a voice that’s a little bit desperate and a little bit urgent. He tilts back his head and shivers as Jack kisses his neck and pushes around the truffle with his tongue.

“It’s melting,” Jack murmurs. “Of course, you’re a little warmer than usual right now.”

“Jack,” Ianto says again and holds his head, and when Jack kisses him his mouth is sweet and rich.

“You taste good,” Jack whispers and kisses down his throat, finally licking up the truffle when he reaches the base of Ianto’s neck. He kisses Ianto, sharing the truffle, and the chocolate is bittersweet as a goodbye kiss.

Ianto thrusts his fingers into Jack’s hair, pressing his body against Jack’s and wrapping his legs around him. “Sweet,” Jack murmurs, and Ianto quietly laughs. He twists away a moment to pluck a truffle from the box, and uses his legs to roll Jack onto his back.

“I want to try,” he says and Jack laughs, his eyes going heavy-lidded as Ianto places the chocolate onto his chest, over his heart. His chest rises and falls steadily and deeply, and Ianto traces his fingertips over Jack’s muscles slowly, watching his face, watching his skin flush and his eyes flutter closed and his neck arch.

Ianto pops the truffle into his mouth and lays his body full-length on Jack’s. He kisses Jack, letting him taste the chocolate in every inch of his mouth, and Jack’s hand fists in his hair.

“I didn’t want to wait for it to melt,” Ianto says, and Jack nods and pulls him in for another kiss.


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