Five Ways Jack Made Ianto Jones Fall in Love With Him

Title: Five Ways Jack Made Ianto Jones fall in Love With Him
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warning: Spoilers through “Greeks Bearing Gifts”
Rating: General
Summary: Five ways Jack made Ianto fall in love with him.

1. Jack Was honest
The others weren’t speaking to Jack–a rare occurrence. Ianto thought he was the only one. Tosh explained it: he’d let the girl go, let the faeries take her. “For the sake of the world,” she said, her expression disbelieving. “Surely they couldn’t–”

Ianto thought there was nothing “surely” about anything they dealt with, and when he took Jack his afternoon coffee he paused. “Was it the only option, sir?”

Jack looked up, frowning, and said, “Sit down.” Ianto did so, legs crossed and hands resting on his thighs, and looked at Jack expectantly. “We deal with creatures older than humanity sometimes, Ianto. They don’t think like we do–they don’t understand like we do–and they certainly don’t care if we live or die. Could I let the world end for the sake of one girl?”

Ianto dropped his eyes. “No.”

Jack shuffled papers, then said, “It’s hard to see the big picture sometimes. I know. But we can’t afford to be selfish.”

“I understand,” Ianto said, rising, and then paused again on his way out. “And . . . I understand.”

Jack looked at him and nodded, and went back to work.

2. Jack was gentle
“Tosh told me what you did,” Jack said when Ianto returned to work, still bruised and limping.

“I thought I could handle the–the tenderizing.” He winced as he said it.

Jack’s hand was warm on his back, even though his jacket and shirt. “It was very brave of you. Let me know if you need to lie down during the day, all right?”

“Yes, sir,” Ianto said, more grateful than he expected to be.

3. Jack Listened
“You said I never ask you about your life. So now I’m asking.” He leaned on the table, glasses of beer and water between them. “Tell me about Lisa.”

“You know about Lisa.”

“I know about the Cyberwoman. Tell me about Lisa.”

Ianto couldn’t speak for a moment, and drank to cover it. “This has something to do with that pendant, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. Tosh told you what she heard–she told me, too. So.” He leaned back again, crossed his arms. “So I’m asking. Tell me about Lisa.”

It’s surprising, Ianto thought once he was home: the pain was still there, as he suspected it would always be there in one form or another. But it wasn’t as present as it had been before.

4. Jack was playful
JACK: Psst
JACK: Ianto.
IANTO: Did you need something, sir?
JACK: I miss you.
IANTO: I'm just upstairs.
JACK: It's too far away.
JACK: Come to my office, please?
JACK: Please?


JACK: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
IANTO: And people wonder why I work late. On my way.

5. Jack was passionate

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