Title: Clarity
Fandom: The Princess Bride
Pairing: Inigo/Wesley
Rating: SFW
Summary: Life on the run. It is inevitable.
Notes: For

“Come here, Inigo.”

It’s late. The moon is up. The princess is sleeping with Fezzik watching over her, and Inigo should be sleeping as he has next watch.

Instead, when he hears Wesley’s voice he gets up from his pallet and joins him beyond the ring of campfire, sitting without question on the hard ground.

Wesley is tired—it’s in his face, in his voice. Dying will do that to a man, Inigo thinks, even after you’ve regained your one true love.

He does not glance back at the princess.

“You are well?” he says finally, since Wesley has not spoken again.

“I may need help standing.” Wesley’s tone is dry. “But later.”

Inigo nods, eyes scanning the dark forest.

“Where will you go?”

“Florin, I expect. It will be easier to hide there.”

Yes. Life on the run. It is inevitable.

Inigo is not surprised when Wesley leans against him. No, he is surprised, but doesn’t do anything more than look at him.

And then relaxes, and lets Wesley sleep.


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