A Chemical Reaction: Frankenmix #2

The Master List

1. a song about touch
Straight to . . . Number One by Touch & Go
Touch me, slowly . . .

2. a song about taste
Sweet Mouth by Guy Pearce
you got a sweet mouth on you, baby, your lips are like a butterfly

3. a song about sound
AM Radio by Everclear
when things get stupid and I don’t know where to find my happy I listen to the music on the AM radio

4. a song about sight
Shining Light by Emm Gryner
a constellation once seen over Royal David’s city, an epiphany you burn so pretty

5. a song about smell
While the City Sleeps by MC 900 Foot Jesus
the smell of gasoline permeates the room

6. a song about a sixth sense
The Unquiet Grave by Kate Rusby
Twelvemonth and a day be gone, the ghost began to speak: “Why sit you here and mourn for me and will not let me sleep?”

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