There She Goes: Frankenmix #1

And why not?

proposed a while back a Frankenmix meme. Here’s mine.

Beneath the cut is the cover, track list, and explanations. No particular theme this time around–just stuff that works for the prompts.

1. A song that wakes you up in the morning.
Feel Good, Inc., Gorillaz.
I love the bass guitar. A good bass line is like a fine cup of coffee.

2. A song you loved in high school.
Gonne Be (500 Miles), the Proclaimers
This came out in my senior year of high school. I could have gone with anything Depeche Mode (or “Depressed Mood” as my friend Tyler liked to call them) or U2, but . . . why not a bouncy happy Celtic-influenced pop song?

3. A song that mentions a dead celebrity.
China Girl, David Bowie
Feeling tragic like Marlon Brando. There you go.

4. A song you’d be embarrassed to listen to with your grandmother.
Michael, Franz Ferdinand
Both my grandmothers are passed away but considering they both were country women born before 1920? They wouldn’t like a song about dancing in a gay bar.

5. A song that MTV will never play in a million, billion years.
Gymnopedie #3, Eric Satie.
They don’t play classical music. (Not that they play music anymore anyway . . .)

6. A song with a title that ends in y.
One Man Guy, Rufus Wainwright
I love Rufus. I should mention that more often.

7. A song that makes you crave something.
Laid, James.

8. A cover song that you think is better than the original.
Sweet Jane, Cowboy Junkies
I love the smoky vocals and the easy rhythm. You should dance close to someone holding them by the hips.

9. The original of #8.
Sweet Jane, Lou Reed.
All love to Lou, as he is a Rock God and all, but this version does nothing for me. It’s too harsh, too jangly.

10. A song that reminds you of a fandom OTP.
She Will Find Me, Dougie McLean
In 1998 my friend Kelly and I wrote a long post-ep series for the X-Files. This song became a reoccuring theme for the fic. I’m not so much with the Mulder/Scully OTP anymore (Doggett, what can I say?) but this song will always be Them for me.

11. You have been caught mouthing the lyrics to this song.
There She Goes, the Boo Radleys
Not just mouthing. Chair-dancing.

12. A song that will always make you think of a movie.
In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel
Always and forever, Lloyd Dobbler, standing the driveway, boombox over his head. *swoon*

13. A song that should totally have fic written about it.
Bad Things, Jace Everetts
This fic, of course, would take place in a blues bar with a house band and slow-dancing and several shots of whiskey, and sex in a small room on a creaky iron bed with a slowly-turning ceiling fan barely stirring the air.

Oh my. *cough* Moving on . . .

14. A song you wish they’d play in elevators.
Redemption Songs, Bob Marley & the Wailers
Who doesn’t like Bob Marley?

15. You’ll stop listening to this song when they pry your MP3 player out of your cold, dead hands.
Transatlanticism, Death Cab For Cutie
The perfection of this song is indescribable. It’s slow and sad and beautiful and the lyrics make me ache.

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