The Husband

Title: The Husband
Fandom: Milliways (CSI/Celtic mythology)
Prompt: Immortal
Characters: Gil Grissom/Jack-in-the-Green
Word Count: 333
Rating: G
Author’s Notes: Written for the Milliways42 Fic challenge.

“CSI Grissom, you have a visitor. CSI Grissom. You have a visitor.”

Warrick paid no attention to the announcement until Nick stopped in the lab doorway and said, “It’s the husband.”


“It’s the husband. Grissom’s visitor. His husband.” He looked both excited and stunned—as if after two months of knowing that Gil was married—and married to a dude—it was still too hard to believe.

“I have to see this,” Warrick said and took off his gloves to go to reception.

Hodges and Greg were there too, hanging just around the corner out of the visitor’s sight. “There,” Nick said, pointing, and Greg grabbed his hand.

“Don’t, he’ll see!”

“You all are bunch of kids—you know that, right?” Warrick said, but he didn’t go to greet the visitor either. The truth was, he hadn’t expected Grissom’s husband—and how weird was that, Grissom’s husband—to be tall or handsome or even so normal-looking. He was just a guy in a suit, red-haired and freckled, smiling faintly as he waited.

Grissom’s husband. Grissom’s husband, and he looked just like . . . a normal, everyday guy.

All four of them started guilty when Catherine cleared her throat behind them. Hodges mumbled something about DNA results and scampered away, and Catherine arched her eyebrow at the rest of them. “Babies,” she said with a shake of her head. “No ogling. It’s just Jack and he’s a really great guy. Go say hello if you’re that curious.”

Greg just looked at him one more time and scurried off, and Nick looked at his shoes and grinned sheepishly. “I think I’d like to wait until Grissom’s around or that.”

“Coward.” She smiled at him. “Get back to work.”

Warrick and Nick followed her up the hall. “What’s his name again?” Nick said.

“Jack Green. Grissom-Green, now.”

“What does he do?”

Catherine turned to smile at them again at the doorway to her office. “He’s a tree god,” she said and closed the door.

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