your birthday comes to tell me this

Title: Your Birthday Comes To Tell Me This
Fandom: Milliways (Lost/Dogma)
Characters: Charlie Pace, Bartleby
Rating: General
Author’s Notes: Written for , to cheer up a bad day.
Disclaimer: Charlie belongs to Bad Robot. Bartleby belongs to View Askew.

your birthday comes to tell me this

—each luckiest of lucky days
i’ve loved,shall love,do loveyou,was

and will be and my birthday is.


There is a cake in front of Bartleby on the table. There are candles on the cake–four of them, to be exact, which seems like a very arbitrary number.

“Um?” says Bartleby.

“Happy birthday,” Charlie says, bouncing on his heels. “Make a wish and blow them out.”

Eyebrow. “It’s not my birthday.”

“How do you know?”

“I–” He doesn’t. The world was created on a Thursday but exactly which Thursday is still open for debate.

“Exactly. We don’t know when your birthday is. It could be today. It could be next week. It could be the day after Christmas. So I’m going to randomly celebrate your birthday and eventually, maybe, we’ll get it right.” Charlie looks cheekily pleased with himself, much like how he does after sex.

Bartleby looks at him a moment—it’s so silly, but on the other hand it’s so Charlie—and closes his eyes as he makes his wish.

Then opens them and blows the candles out as Charlie laughs with glee.

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