Billy & Dom Have an Unexciting Evening

Title: Billy & Dom Have an Unexciting Evening
Fandom: LOTRiPF
Pairing: Billy/Dom friendship
Wordcount: 215
Rating: G
Summary: 215 words of . . . unexcitement.
Notes: For

“We are young, handsome and charming,” Dom says. “Why are we spending Saturday night in your flat?”

“Because we are also tired,” Billy replies, not looking up from his book. “Because we spent Saturday working and intend to spend Sunday sleeping. And we don’t want another hangover.”

Dom harrumphs. He picks up a tennis ball and starts tossing it against the far wall. Billy ignores the steady THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! for the next five mintues, then says “Enough of that!” sharply enough for Dom to catch the ball.

“We should be out. There should be girls! Drink! Dancing!”

“You’re more than welcome to go find ’em if you wish,” Billy says.

Dom tosses the ball from hand to hand, gets up, pretends to juggle for a moment, then bursts out, “But it’s no fun without you, Bills!”

Billy looks at him over the edge of his book. “Are you saying you’d rather be bored here with me than out without me?”

Dom scrunches his face a moment, then nods and says, “Yes. I’m saying.”

“Daftie,” Billy says, but scoots over on the couch so Dom can lie down next to him.

“Read to me, at least, Bills.”

“What an exciting evening,” Billy says, but turns back a few pages to start the story for Dom.


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