Whole Lotta Love

Title: Whole Lotta Love Author: Fandom: Milliways (Lost/the Vampire Chronicles) Pairing: David Talbot/Charlie Pace Warning: Vampire seduction type stuff Rating: NSFW Summary: They are tight. They are black. They lace up the fly. And they are leather. Notes: At the request of oneechan19, who wanted: David/Charlie; guitar, pants, song; singing; leather (as in leather pants… Continue reading Whole Lotta Love

Billy & Dom Have an Unexciting Evening

Title: Billy & Dom Have an Unexciting Evening Author: Fandom: LOTRiPF Pairing: Billy/Dom friendship Wordcount: 215 Rating: G Summary: 215 words of . . . unexcitement. Notes: For "We are young, handsome and charming," Dom says. "Why are we spending Saturday night in your flat?""Because we are also tired," Billy replies, not looking up from… Continue reading Billy & Dom Have an Unexciting Evening

Stay With Me Till Morning

Title: Stay With Me Till Morning Author: Fandom: Milliways (Celtic mythology/Native American mythology) Characters: Jack-in-the-Green/Raven Rating: Adult Summary: "I thought you couldn't lie." "It's not a lie if you believe it." Notes: For varadia, who said it should exist. I also blame it on "Memphis Skyline" by Rufus Wainwright It is only fitting that this… Continue reading Stay With Me Till Morning

Backstage Pass

Title: Backstage Pass Author: Fandom: Lost Characters: Charlie/Claire Rating: References to sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Disclaimer: Charlie and Claire belong to Bad Robot. Author's Notes: Pre-series. Written for an icon drabble game. Summary: "Do you want to know my favorite song of yours?" His ears were ringing from the concert, but Charlie still grinned at… Continue reading Backstage Pass

I Love London

Title: I Love London Fandom: LOTR RPS Characters: Dom/Elijah Rating: Adult. Disclaimer: Dom and Elijah belong to themselves. Author's Notes: Written for an icon drabble game, at the request of kimonthejourney. Prompt: Sex and tea. Summary:Maybe you're the one who's ordinary. If you turn your head to the left, leaning outside the hotel room window,… Continue reading I Love London