flows like a river

Title: flows like a river
Fandom: Crossover (Firefly/Sandman)
Characters: River Tam, Death
Prompt: nouns: Sverfneblin, lumbar, cellar door; verb: cranch; adjective: suave; + mention of Hotblack Desiato
Rating: No sexin’ or swearin’.Summary:
Summary: river sees everything
Notes: For . (Who is evil. I mean, look at those prompts. Evil!)

river sees

river sees everything

river sees the Sverfneblin who sing as they march down the corridor and disappear into the cellar door held open by Hotblack Desiato who spent a year dead

river sees her brother try to be suave around kaylee pretty kaylee but he’s not suave and usually ends up talking about taking care of her lumbar region and kaylee pretty kaylee laughs and her brother blushes and then laughs too which kaylee pretty kaylee likes better than suave

river sees the pretty lady with the pale face who says Hello River and river says Hello Death and the pretty lady with the pale face smiles and says You’re doing okay aren’t you and river says Yes most of the time but sometimes I’m scared and sometimes my brother is sad and sometimes I feel like I’m falling through caves and waterfalls

the pretty lady with the pale face says You’re not falling and river says Yes yes yes yes yes I am even when I cranch across the floor and the pretty lady with the pale face says Cranch? and river says When I wear the boots they go cranch cranch cranch and the pretty lady with the pale face laughs and says Oh River I love you and river smiles

e n d

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