flows like a river

Title: flows like a river Author: Fandom: Crossover (Firefly/Sandman) Characters: River Tam, Death Prompt: nouns: Sverfneblin, lumbar, cellar door; verb: cranch; adjective: suave; + mention of Hotblack Desiato Rating: No sexin' or swearin'.Summary: Summary: river sees everything Notes: For . (Who is evil. I mean, look at those prompts. Evil!) river sees river sees everything… Continue reading flows like a river


Title: Negotiations Author: Fandom: Milliways (Native American mythology/Celtic mythology) Characters: Jack in the Green, Coyote, Raven Rating: SFW Prompt: Daylilies, chaff, stones, fly, clean Summary: Coyote is turning the teacup into a toad, a stone, a porcelain-white butterfly with spots the color of tea. Author's Notes: For varadia. The three of them sit in the… Continue reading Negotiations

Lullaby in F

Title: Lullaby in F Fandom: Milliways (Lost) Author: Prompt: Nouns: Fear, flute, future; verb: fight; adjective: Fearless; Charlie and Seth Millific. Characters: Charlie and Seth. Rating: Familyfic. SummaryIn a rocking chair by the window, Charlie sings to Seth. In a rocking chair by the window, Charlie sings to Seth. Goodnight moon in June, la la.… Continue reading Lullaby in F