Right For Each Other

Title: Right for Each Other
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Charlie/Claire
Rating: SFW
Summary: When we both knew inside we were right for each other.
Notes: Written for an icon drabble game

They sit next to each other and Claire holds her diary. She’s watched him around other people, the way he seems to both lean forward and draw back, as if he expects to be welcomed and rejected in a breath—but beside her he is relaxed and still.

His place. She looks at her diary. This is his place, next to me.

She knows it should feel strange that this is so, but it doesn’t. It simply is, like the baby in her belly and the stars above their heads.

If she puts her hand down, down on the ground beside his, he’ll take it. She knows this.

She’s not ready, though. Not until she’s read the book in her hands and understands—remembers, if she’s lucky—why it is that Charlie is more comfortable at her side than with anyone else.


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