Title: Wonderland
Author: &
Fandom: LOTRiPS
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NSFW
Summary: Staring at Dom in the shower, torn between walking in like normal with a cheerful hello and just standing here, watching.

Actors let go of a certain portion of their natural modesty. They have to: they try on costumes, work out—train if the part calls for it—pee, shower, all in front of each other. No big deal.

So Dom wouldn’t be uncomfortable if Billy saw him in the shower. Not at all.

Which is what Billy hopes Dom will think, if he happens to turn around: that Billy has just come into the showers innocently, hoping to, maybe . . . shower.

Rather than to stare.

Because Billy is staring. Staring at Dom in the shower, torn between walking in like normal with a cheerful hello and just standing here, watching.

He could watch for hours because fuck Dom is beautiful naked. Compact, slender, muscular. Sweet, thinks Billy. It’s a sweet body, one he’d love to sink into under any circumstances.

That it belongs to his best mate raises a few issues. Friendships end because of sex. And Dom’s a flirt of the first order—his kisses don’t mean he wants anything more.

Dom turns beneath the water and Billy ducks behind the tiled doorway, panting with lust and panic. Fuck fuck fuck—he peeks again, to see that Dom’s eyes are closed, his head tilted back under the spray. Billy can see everything: deep chest and strong shoulders, flat belly and flaccid penis in dark curly hair, big feet, slender legs. Billy bites his lip and eases his hand into his tracksuit bottoms, unable to hold himself back any longer.

His dick is hard in his palm and he jerks himself roughly. His free hand grips the wall that hides him, his fingers scraping the tile. He leans his forehead against it, mouthing Dom, Dom, Dom, and exhales between his teeth, wanting to shout Dom’s name as come jets into his hand.

He whispers “Dom,” and cringes as it echoes throughout the showers.

“Eh?” Dom calls. “Somebody there?”

Billy clears his throat. “Ah. Me. Didn’t mean to barge in.”

“Almost done,” Dom calls back and before Billy can move, the water shuts off. “All finished!” Dom says cheerfully and Billy can’t hide anymore. He steps out from behind the wall, making sure his t-shirt is pulled low enough to cover any tell-tale stains. Dom is naked, wet, rubbing his head with his towel and grinning. “Fancy a shower?”

“Yes,” Billy breathes and Dom begins to walk away to the locker room. He’ll dress. He’ll hide that glorious body and Billy doesn’t know when he’ll see it again so simply, so naturally. “Dommie!”

“Eh?” He wraps his towel around his waist.

But the words don’t come. He tries, honest he does, but all he can say is, “Thanks.”

Dom’s eyebrows furrow and he hesitates, still toweling himself off. “Ta,” he answers finally and leaves the showers.

Billy yanks off his tracksuit and throws on the water almost savagely. Things he should have said scamper through his brain. From the blunt—’I want to fuck you’—to the flowery—’You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen’—but none is right, none would bring the response he wants. Not with Dom, who’d never guess how much his best friend wants him.

Billy stands beneath the water for many minutes, scrubbing himself down. He can hear Dom in the locker room, slamming doors and stomping around.

* * *

Dom sighs and rolls his eyes upward in self-directed agonized frustration, pulling clothes out onto the bench behind him. No reason to wait, Billy could be a half hour or more. Bastard loves a long shower when he could be talking to me instead. Which is of course why I have correctly called him a bastard. Though a sexy one.

And then an idea strikes him, so suddenly that it makes him giggle aloud with the mental picture of a cartoon lightbulb over his own head, or a metaphorical falling anvil.

Bastard or no, Billy’s in the shower, and he’s naked.

And I might be able to watch.

Grinning the devious-little-kid grin that everyone who has ever met him knows means trouble, Dom puts on his boxers—best to have some sort of cover in case of detection, of course—and quietly pads back into the showers.

Dom pokes his head around the doorway and is thrilled to find that Billy showers just as he himself does, facing the showerhead. It’s terribly convenient, how Billy is turned to the wall so that Dominic can watch him from the back. His view obstructed only by water and maybe twelve feet. And oh, what a view.

For the first few minutes Dom is paralyzed with lust, left with only the ability to stare. His mind processes exclusively ecstatic disbelief and visual information: Billy, naked, wet; Billy, unaware, soaping himself . . .

Gradually Dom realizes he’s started wanking without his hand having consulted his brain. Dom’s always been a great fan of porn—-but God damn, he thinks, live Billy is way better than any porn I’ve ever fucking seen. He’s enjoyed Memory-Billy very much also, in the past, but it was no comparison to this; Dom grins with glee at his deviousness and good fortune.

Dom can’t hear Billy over the noise of the water, but he notices when Billy leans his head in against the wall, watches as Billy pounds the wall with his fist. Not hard, not a punch, just deliberately, and maybe—Dom concentrates on Billy’s body language, searching for the right meaning to assign to the angle of Billy’s shoulders, the clench of his fist—dejectedly?

His dick nearly forgotten, Dom strains to hear, to understand. In his concern he forgets his situation—merely ten feet away, in plain sight—and he speaks softly.


* * *

Billy yanks the water off, startled. Dom stands just outside the showers, hair still wet, with a bulge in his boxers. Billy swallows. “Erm . . .”

“Bills,” Dom begins. “Bills, I—” He takes a step closer. “Are you all right, Billy? Did you get hurt today?”

“No,” he says quickly. “No. Just . . . thinking.”

“About,” Dom prompts gently.

Billy just stands there, dripping and uncertain. His eyes go to the exact spot they shouldn’t: Dom’s crotch. He looks back at Dom quickly, feeling himself blush—but Dom is the one who should be embarrassed, what with the raging hard on and all.

Dom is clearly not embarrassed. “You can look at me, Bills,” he says softly. “If you want.” He strips off his boxers and stands just outside the shower, naked, his chin high.

“Erm,” Billy says again as Dom steps closer to him and reaches behind him to turn the water back on. Billy gasps, his mind racing—-Dom naked, Dom here, Dom naked, Dom’s cock hard and water running down his skin—

Dom stands under the water with him, eyes patient and lips parted. He puts his hands on Billy’s shoulders and runs them down his arms to his wrists. Billy huffs a breath and licks his lips; he has to look away for a moment from Dom’s steady gaze.

He’s seen this before, he realizes when he looks back. Dom’s always looking at him like this, like he’s memorizing Billy’s features for future reference.

He gazes back as Dom’s hands stroke him up and down, learning Billy’s body like his eyes have studied his face. “Touch me, Billy,” he whispers. “I want you to.”

Billy raises his hands and places them on Dom’s shoulders, then glides them down his chest, his hips, his stomach. His hands rest on Dom’s hips and he pulls Dom closer, belly-to-belly. Dom gasps, his cock hot against Billy’s skin, and it’s all Billy can do to keep his eyes open. He wants to groan and fall to his knees, run his tongue over every inch of Dom’s skin.

Instead, holding Dom by his hips, he closes his eyes and kisses him.

“Mmph,” murmurs Dom but then his hands are in Billy’s hair and his tongue is in Billy’s mouth. He takes a step and Billy feels his back against the tile, bracing him.

It doesn’t surprise him at all when Dom s
tarts thrusting, his ardent dick like fire to Billy’s abdomen. He thrusts in return, his own cock stirring back to life, and kisses Dom like the world is ending.

“Ach, god,” he exhales finally when Dom pulls away enough.

“We ought not, here,” Dom mutters but the way he nibbles Billy’s neck says otherwise.

* * *

They’re not the only people who’ve stayed to practice this late, and Dom knows that Sean or Elijah could come in for a shower whenever. But at the same time, he’s longed to know what Billy tastes like, what he’ll sound like when Dom closes one hand around the back of Billy’s neck and the other around his cock.

It turns out that Billy groans delightfully around the words, “I really don’t care what we ‘ought not do,’ Dommie.” To emphasize the point, Billy jolts up onto his tiptoes to push his cock up through Dom’s fist, simultaneously trying to use the wall behind him to move Dom back. He’s hoping to switch their places, get Dom against the wall to keep him from deciding that here and now is not the proper place for this.

Dom is far too quick, for one thing, and for another thing he still has a hold of Billy’s dick, which means that Billy hasn’t got a chance in hell. Growling triumphantly against Billy’s lips, Dom crushes Billy even harder against the tile, hand sliding down Billy’s cock to cup his balls and stroke the insides of his thighs as the water drips down him now that Billy’s out of the spray.

“We could go back to yours and continue this,” Dom whispers as he slowly licks Billy’s earlobe. “I just don’t know if I really want Doodle and Mr. Safety walking in right now, do you?”

Billy gasps as Dom slides a finger up to rub his perineum, surprise due in equal measure to sensation and to the sobering thought of another hobbit or, god forbid, someone else entirely, witnessing this scene.

“Yeh’ve a good point,” Billy grunts out. “But this,” he grinds down onto Dom’s finger, “is by far a better one.”

* * *

Billy allows himself a moment or two more of enjoying Dom’s touch—and mouth and soapy scent of his neck—before reluctantly turning off the water. “Right,” he says, clearing his throat, and Dom grins at him and licks his lips. “We’ll go to mine. And—erm—yes.”

“And fuck,” Dom says.

“Yes.” He feels awkward for a moment but Dom is grinning at him so happily and kisses him with such abandon that it doesn’t matter that they are about to leave so they can have sex. This is his Dom. Playmate, best friend, partner in crime.

They both scoop up their forgotten clothes and head for the lockers, arms around each other’s necks—just in time, too, because Billy can hear Sean chattering and Elijah laughing as they come up from the practice rooms. “Hobbit foursome,” Dom murmurs and kisses Billy below his ear.

“Not in a million years,” Billy says. “I just want you, mah Dommie.”

Pleasure flushes Dom’s face and he lets go of Billy to toss him a fresh towel. “Put some clothes on, wanker.”

Billy grins back as he catches the towel and scrubs himself dry quickly, wrapping the towel around his waist as Sean and Elijah come into the locker room. Dom is already dressed, erection hidden behind his bag, and calls out cheerfully, “What kept you two?”

“Going over the Gollum fight again,” says Sean as he strips off his shirt. Elijah demonstrates with his practice sword, shouting, “Ha! Got you!” as he stabs at shadows. Billy’s eyes meet Dom’s and he can almost read what Dom is thinking: Love ’em madly, but let’s get out of here.

“We’re heading home,” Dom says out loud. “Early day tomorrow. See you!”

Sean waves, walking naked into the showers, and Elijah gives one more stab. “Good night! Get plenty of rest—more of this tomorrow!” Elijah calls, mostly muffled as he pulls his shirt over his head. Billy takes advantage of his distraction to dress too, and then gives his head a quick rub with the towel and picks up his bag.

Dom’s arm feels natural around his shoulders. His arm feels natural around Dom’s neck. Going home with my best mate, Billy thinks, and stops on the stairs down to the parking lot to kiss Dom again.

* * *

Despite the fact that Billy is driving, he simply can’t keep his hands to himself. In an automatic car it might not be such a problem but it’s a rental Toyota, and the hand he’s using to try to unbutton Dom’s jeans is the same hand that he really ought to be shifting into third gear with.

“You’re going to get us into an accident if you don’t quit that,” Dom says mildly as he unzips his jeans so Billy can shift.

“And yet you don’t want me to stop,” Billy notes, returning his hand to Dom’s crotch after successfully putting the car into a higher gear.

Billy’s hand finds a sensitive spot at the base of his cock and Dom moans. “Good god, no. Just don’t kill us before we get to your house, all right?”

Billy smirks and continues stroking whatever he can reach, which is a lot because Dom has arranged his clothing to make it as easy as possible for Billy to reach whatever he wants. Which is, of course, everything.

“You completely drove through that stop sign,” Dom says. “I think I’m going to have to cut you off.”

Billy yelps in dissatisfaction. “But, Dommie! I’ll be more careful, I swear, just—” he says as he pulls his hand up Dom’s cock.

Dom sighs with a mix of lust and annoyance and removes Billy’s hand from his jeans, zipping them as soon as his fingers are clear. “We’ll be there in five minutes. I’ll just have to occupy you until then.”

“Oh?” Billy purrs. “And jes’ how do you plan to do that?”

“Well, I have a couple of ideas,” Dom begins, leaning across the seat to put one hand behind Billy’s neck and the other on his knee. He leans in to speak softly into Billy’s ear, pausing here and there to nibble at his earlobe. “I had considered possibly a bit of a hand job, but then I thought, nah, maybe I’d just tease you . . .”

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you it isn’t polite to tease?” Billy asks seriously, but spoils it by gasping as Dom’s hand finds his nipple and squeezes it through his t-shirt.

“Do you really want me to think about my mother now?” Dom pinches Billy’s nipple harder while licking just beneath Billy’s ear and Billy squeaks.

“Ah, shite, no. I’d prefer you just thought about me,” he growls and tries to turn his head for a kiss, but Dom stops him, moving his hand from Billy’s nipple to his jaw and forces his line of sight back to the road.

“No, you have to drive now, remember? And I have more ideas for how to occupy you . . .”

* * *

“And what would those be?” Billy murmurs, his insides quaking with anticipation. Five minutes—just five more minutes—damn, a red light!

He stomps on the brake and Dom is thrown against his seat belt. He falls back with a huff. “Billy!”

“Sorry, sorry—are you okay?”

“You are going to be punished for that,” Dom says with mock seriousness, and Billy watches with trepidation as he unbuckles the seat belt and leans down to Billy’s lap.

“Dommie,” he warns, but still feels Dom’s teeth nip at his thighs through his jeans. “Good god,” he says faintly, pressing his foot harder on the brake to keep from slamming on the gas. If that mother-loving light doesn’t turn green soon—

“Terribly, terribly punished,” Dom croons as he lifts Billy’s t-shirt, just enough to blow air across his stomach. Billy can’t even make words now—he just exhales, feeling his stomach quiver and his legs shake. Dom laughs with delight and Billy feels his tongue dragging sl
owly around his belly button, up to lick his chest muscles and down to tease at his groin. His teeth next: light little bites that send flares of sensation to the base of Billy’s brain.

He sees the light turn green and it takes the car behind them honking for him to remember what he needs to do. “Green,” he gasps out.

“Eh?” Dom is too busy nibbling.


“Bloody hell,” Dom answers and sits up again to put on his seatbelt. Billy zooms down the lane as soon as he hears the buckle click and Dom starts laughing again, bouncing in his seat. “God, are you always like this when you’re about to get laid?”

“No,” Billy says honestly.

His answer stills Dom, but just for a moment. “Well,” he says softly. “I’m flattered.”

Billy manages to smile at him, and then pulls into the car park for his complex and screeches to a stop. Dom is thrown against the seatbelt again but just scrambles out of the car, barely waiting for Billy to get out before running up the steps to his flat. “Keys keys keys!” Dom chants at each step, and Billy keeps his keyring clutched in his fist so he can get the door open as quickly as possible. His gym bag with his sweaty workout clothes will just have to wait until morning—he has more important things to do.

He unlocks the door and Dom hustles him inside, slams the door shut so he can push Billy against it and kiss him again.

Dom kisses, Billy decide, are a better rush than just before the curtain opens, better than the words “you’ve got the part”, better than applause, better than taking a final bow. Dom kisses should never end.

* * *

Happily for Billy, it seems for a while that this kiss never will end, but finally Dom has to pull away to catch his breath. He uses the opportunity to manhandle Billy down the hall to the bedroom.

“Wait, Dom,” Billy mumbles just as they’re about to cross through the doorway. “I, um, gotta get something.”

“Uh, all right,” Dom says, raising an eyebrow. “What’s that?” But Billy has already dashed back down the hallway, so Dom shrugs, sits down on the edge of the bed, and takes off his shoes, hands shaking, to try to pass the seconds until Billy comes back.

He’s pulling off his socks when Billy arrives back at the doorway, leaning against it awkwardly; Dom realizes it’s because Billy is shielding something behind his back.

“So. Whatcha got there?” Dom smirks.

“Well, er.” Billy blushes—quite becomingly, Dom notes—and goes a bit shifty-eyed, not quite meeting Dom’s gaze. “It’s kind of all I have . . .”

Reluctantly Billy reveals what’s in his hand—a bottle of olive oil. “I, er, generally cook with it . . . But I haven’t got any, you know, lube, and I know it’ll work . . .”

“Oh you know, do you? You’re quite a wicked thing,” Dom says with a grin, standing up to step over to Billy and accept the bottle, which he sets on the nightstand. “It’ll work. Now let’s see about getting to the point where we actually need it, yeah?”

Billy smiles, clearly relieved that Dom isn’t horrified by his “supplies.” He leans in and pulls at the hem of Dom’s t-shirt. “We’ll need to get rid of this, then.”

“Not to mention these,” Dom agrees, unbuttoning his jeans. Billy, quite helpfully, pulls off Dom’s shirt as soon as his hands are finished undoing his fly. “And also yours have to go too, that’s quite vital, I feel,” he says, yanking Billy’s t-shirt over his head and tossing it behind them.

“You really do talk too much,” Billy says, heeling off his shoes and unbuttoning his jeans at the same time. “I’m going to have to put a stop to that.”

“Well, you can try.”

The seriousness in Dom’s tone makes Billy look up from tossing his shoes to the side of the room. He looks into Dom’s eyes and wonders what more Dom could possibly want to say.

* * *

Dom deflects at once, giving a quick laugh and stepping close again to hold Billy’s face and kiss him. “Don’t look so worried, Bills.”

“Did I look worried?” He holds Dom with his hands at Dom’s waist, marveling at the strength in his lean body. He slides his hands up Dom’s sides, pleased when Dom inhales with a shudder.

“You did,” he says in a low voice. “It can wait. Kiss me.”

Billy kisses him, between the brows instead of on his lips, and then on the tip of his unique nose. “Words,” he commands and Dom, shy for the first time in their acquaintance, ducks his head.

“Just—really love you, Bills. That’s all.”

Billy runs his hands over Dom’s short-cropped hair and down the sides of his face. It’s one thing to be made wordless with lust—this is entirely different. Dom’s a flirt and a prankster and gives out kisses like handshakes, but he doesn’t, clearly, say ‘I love you’ often. If ever.

“Love you too,” Billy says in the same tone. “God, you’re just—I mean, you—you’re everything.”

“Yeah,” Dom murmurs and then kisses Billy hard, time for talking over. That’s fine: kissing is easier, anyway. Easier and so rewarding: kissing his hot mouth and touching his electric skin and slender bones, learning the amazing body of his friend.

He guides Dom back to his unmade bed and Dom lies down, pulling Billy with him. His hands glide over Billy’s bare chest as they kiss, and soon his mouth follows their path, stopping only when Billy imitates him, softly kissing his body.

* * *

Moments pass, quiet but for breaths and kisses. “Never thought I’d get to do this,” Billy whispers, kissing along Dom’s collarbone.

“Never thought you’d want to,” Dom answers softly. Billy stares at him in disbelief, his eyes shining.

Billy leans forward to catch Dom’s lips and then skips down to a nipple before Dom can do more than register the kiss and moan as Billy’s teeth scrape his skin. “How on earth could I not?”

“We’ve waited far too long for this,” Dom mutters, and Billy sucks his nipple in response, hard, eliciting a gasp. Grinning mischievously, Billy shifts to the other nipple and strokes Dom’s torso with his hands, feeling the strong muscles underneath, drifting lower to comb through the sparse dark hair at the base of his stomach and the tops of his thighs.

“You know, I think you’re right,” Billy says, and moves down along Dom’s body. “I have waited too long. It’s past time for this, for example . . .” and he leans in to kiss Dom’s stomach, pausing to dip his tongue into Dom’s bellybutton before continuing downwards, leaving little bites and licks as he goes. When he gets to Dom’s cock he sighs contentedly and leans in to breathe Dom’s scent, nosing at the base.

Dom gasps with anticipation. “Oh, god, Billy. Bloody hell!”

“Is there something you’re wanting?” Billy teases, before licking a slow path right up the underside of Dom’s cock and then sliding his tongue around the head. “Something like this, perhaps?” He closes his lips around the tip, adding a bit of a tongue swirl, and then slides down a few inches and starts moving back up. Billy looks up at Dom’s face: his head is thrown back, his eyes are closed, and the sight of his eyelashes along his cheeks and how he’s biting his bottom lip is among the top ten most beautiful sights Billy’s ever witnessed. Top five, even.

Billy rewards him by sinking his mouth deeper and then rising again, slowly, leaving lingering licks along Dom’s length. Dom moans wordlessly and opens his eyes; his gaze meets Billy’s across the span of his chest, and Dom’s head falls back again with the force of the electricity that passes between them.

Billy backs slowly away and then down to leave a trail of kisses from the tip of Dom’s cock down to the base and onto the smooth skin of his testicles; he looks up and sees that
Dom’s looking at him through one half-open eye.

“You stopped,” he accuses, sounding like a petulant four year old.

* * *

“That I did.” Billy slowly licks his lips, savoring the lingering taste. “It’s early yet.” He chortles as Dom groans.

Dom’s thighs are slender and strong, scattered with crisp hair. His calves are muscular, his feet long and bony. Billy draws a fingertip up his sole and Dom shudders, his breath hitching. Billy follows the movement with his tongue and can’t help laughing when Dom’s foot jerks in his grip. “Cheeky bastard,” Dom says weakly, but there’s no heat behind it. Billy’s only answer is to take Dom’s big toe into his mouth and suck as he rubs the sole of his foot with thumb.

Dom’s chest heaves as Billy gives his feet a tongue bath. He writhes against the sheets, clutching and twisting them in his fists. He gasps, “Never thought of feet as a turn-on, Bills.”

“You’ve got a stiffy every day after we get the feet removed, you liar,” scolds Billy gently. “I’ve noticed.”

“You’ve been looking?!”

“Guilty,” Billy says, unashamed.

“Then you should also notice that I’ve got a stiffy every day, period—and not just because of my nearness to you.”

“You’re daft, you know that?”

“Is that why you love me?” Dom says with some smugness.

“Yes,” Billy says, his tone completely serious but his eyes dancing. “I love you because you’re a daft git—a very sexy daft git, but a daft git nonetheless.”

Dom wiggles in the sheets with pleasure, then gets to his knees and pulls Billy to him, pushing his mouth onto his.

Tongues, slick and eager, twist around each other. Dom’s fingers dig into Billy’s scalp, pulling him ever closer, ever deeper. Dom sucks Billy’s lips, nips and nibbles them, and Billy now is groaning, Billy is shaking with anticipation and breathless with lust.

When Dom pushes Billy onto his back, Billy isn’t surprised. What does surprise him is the determination in Dom’s eyes. Dom is shaking too, and kisses Billy once more, lingering. “My turn to play with you,” he growls.

* * *

Dom pauses above Billy, staring, letting his eyes travel everywhere. His breathing is rapid. “I don’t know where to start,” he says, but his hands are stroking Billy’s chest, drawing lines between muscles.

Billy groans, “Anywhere. There. Just touch me, Dommie.”

“I suppose I already started earlier, at the gym, anyway,” Dom says with his finger to his lips, mocking deep thought. “Perhaps now I’ll just do as I like, eh?”

With that he dives to Billy’s waist, lifting from beneath Billy’s knees so that both of his feet are in the air, thighs spread apart. Dom flops down, his weight on his elbows, and without preamble pierces Billy with his tongue.

“Jaysus Christ!” Billy shouts.

Dom pulls back a bit, continuing to lick, to allow himself a giggle.

Billy gasps out, “If I’d known yeh were such a fucking pervert, I’d have—”

Dom pulls his head back in surprise and stares. “Did you just call me a pervert?” he asks incredulously. He punctuates the question by giving Billy’s asshole a long slow lick as Billy jerks forward, shaking his head, immediately trying to take it back.

“No, what I meant was, a genius, such a genius, is what I was trying to say,” Billy finishes lamely. “Oh, come on, you caught me off guard, mate. I wasn’t expecting you to . . .”

“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition,” Dom says mildly, and starts tonguing little swirls into the creases of Billy’s thighs. Billy relaxes and lies back down, canting his hips toward Dom’s tongue, which slowly inches back towards the center of Billy’s body.

“Unghhhh,” Billy cries as Dom once again reaches the sensitive skin at his arsehole, alternating between leaving long licks with the flat of his tongue and wiggling about using the point, stabbing in now and again. Dom leaves a few light kisses before pulling back, reaching a hand up to stroke Billy’s balls as he speaks.

Dom’s voice is puzzled. “So, wait. If you’d known I was a perverted genius . . . What was the end of that sentence?”

Billy opens his eyes and lifts his head; he knows subterfuge will do him no good. “Just that if I had known, I might have . . . interrupted your shower.” But something in his eyes gives him away; Dom always knows when there’s something he’s not saying. Now that his testicles are in Dom’s hand, Dom gets to ask what it is.

To illustrate the point, Dom increases his hand’s pressure just a touch as he asks, “Billy. What were you doing while I showered?”

Billy blushes, though it’s hardly distinguishable from the sex flush he already wears. Dom remembers the old adage about catching more flies with honey, etc., and moves his hand to the base of Billy’s cock, stroking slowly and gently. “Come on, Bills,” he encourages.

“Well, I practiced a little longer,” —Dom’s hand slows—”and I walked through the gym to the locker room,” —the hand speeds slightly—”and then I went in the showers and watched you,” Billy finishes in a gasp.

Dom is amused and thrilled to note the slight panic in his voice; he starts a steady rhythm on Billy’s cock to reassure him that he isn’t angry. “And is that all you did?”

“Well, no.” Billy tries to look away but looks back to Dom immediately. He thrusts his cock up through Dom’s hand and grins cheekily. “Had a bit of a wank, too.”

* * *

Dom raises an eyebrow. “You had a wank while watching me shower?”

“Yes, Dommie.”

Dom ponders this, his hand still moving in an easy rhythm. “So why didn’t you come in and join me?”

Billy considers several answers, rejects them all, and just looks at Dom with the most contrite expression he can manage.

After a moment more Dom shakes his head and mutters, “Billy, Billy, Billy,” in an affectionate tone. “So in theory, you can last a bit longer tonight.”

“In theory,” Billy agrees, then in a squeak as Dom’s grip tightens, “but not if you keep doing that!”

Dom giggles again and dips his head, to lazily swirl the tip of Billy’s prick with his tongue. “Jaysus,” Billy groans—he turns his head away for a moment, squinching his eyes shut, but honestly he can’t keep his eyes off Dom at all. It’s Dom, after all, with the clever tongue and dexterous fingers, and Billy wants to watch every moment.

Dom is watching him too, eyes alight, cheeks hollowing as he sucks, mischievous and desirable and Billy can’t take it anymore. He pulls away and Dom makes a surprised sound as Billy rolls him over and kisses his mouth again, hands everywhere.

“I want—I want—” He wants so much he can’t even find the words.

“Take it,” Dom whispers, eyes darting over Billy’s face. When he smiles again it’s not joking or ironic—it’s pure, natural Dom, happy Dom, who gets kisses as rewards and whose hands dig into Billy’s arse as Billy reaches across him for the bottle of oil.

Billy pours oil in the hollow of Dom’s abdomen and navel and dips his fingers in it, catching the strays as they drip down Dom’s ribs. Dom laughs—”It’s cold!”— and Billy kisses him again, oil and perspiration making their bodies slide against each other. “Don’t be leavin’,” Dom mutters, pulling him back, and Billy laughs too and kisses his neck.

“Not leavin’, love. Fuck me, but you’re the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen,” he says tenderly.

“Tell me another,” Dom says with a low chuckle.

“No lie.” He holds Dom’s face in his oily hands. “I love looking at you, Dommie.”

“Your genius perverted daft git.” He arranges his hips, opens his legs, and pulls Billy up to his face again. “You keep getting away from me.”

“Slippery as a fish,”
Billy says, and kisses Dom ardently for several minutes before moving back on his knees a little. He smoothes the oil down Dom’s body, between his thighs and his arse cheeks, coating his arsehole liberally. He sinks his fingers into Dom, stretching him. Dom shudders at his touch, eyes never leaving Billy’s face, that dirty, happy look still on his own. Billy wonders if he looks like this too, like he’s about to get everything he ever wanted.

He leans over Dom, resting on his elbows so he can hold Dom’s head between his hands. Their noses touch. Their breaths mingle, hot and rapid. Billy doesn’t know whether to close his eyes or keep them open, whether to jump into this moment or draw it out.

He pushes into Dom carefully and Dom’s fingers skitter across his ribs, trying to get some purchase on Billy’s slick skin. “Ah, fuck me, that’s good,” Dom groans and Billy softly laughs, resting his nose against Dom’s cheek. He thrusts slowly, head down and eyes closed, and Dom responds with thrusts of his own, nibbles to Billy’s ears and lips, his hands stroking Billy’s back and shoulders.

His dick is hot and throbbing between them: Billy puts all his weight on one arm and reaches down, to grasp Dom’s dick and pull his hand upward as he thrusts into him. Dom’s eyes grow wide: “Oh, all right then,” he says faintly, arching his hips to give Billy more room.

“Partnership,” Billy says. “Fair play.”

“A natural concern.” His teeth sink into his lower lip and his eyes roll back. “Ah, Bills . . .”

* * *

“Yes, Dom?” Billy answers, not even sure if he has been asked a question.

“I don’t want to be done yet,” Dom answers, sliding Billy’s slick hand away from his prick. “I want,” he continues, putting his fists beneath his hips to cant them upward and then thrusting up to push Billy in even deeper, “more of this, please.”

Billy nearly collapses with the intensity of Dom tightening around his cock. He gasps out, “You won’t get it if you do that.”

Dom immediately relaxes, and Billy’s breathing slows. “Mmm. Thanks.” Billy braces his arms under Dom’s shoulders, weight on his elbows and bent knees, and starts a steady, slow rhythm; Dom’s movements having thrown off his earlier cadence.

Gradually Billy builds speed and force until Dom is lifting his hips into every thrust, the entire room has achieved rainforest humidity, and both of them are keening with such abandon that neither of them are more than vaguely aware that any sound is being made.

All the sensations run together until Dom’s made of moist, slippy joy, and as much as the rational corner of Billy’s mind remembers that Dom hasn’t come, that he should wait, that he should make Dom come before he does, as sensitive and generous lovers are meant to do—the rest of his body just doesn’t want to stop.

And then it’s too late, he can’t stop, he’s not just close he’s actually there, too far gone to take Dom along, too far gone to do anything but sweat and pant and come; a release nothing like the one he had earlier, wanking to Dom in the shower; this one is long and sweet and somehow feels like every cliché ever, like flower petals and fire.

It takes him a long time to float back to earth, and when he does, his body is still moving in Dom’s even as his muscles go slack and he flows into a puddle at Dom’s side. Dom lazily strokes his shoulder with long fingers, drawing trails of cooling perspiration along Billy’s sides.

“God, you’re glorious,” Dom says quietly, staring at Billy’s face, memorizing his rumpled hair, the curve of his lip, and the slice of bright green iris that is just visible beneath Billy’s lashes.

“Mmmmph,” Billy mutters, turning his head into Dom’s chest, letting the syllables melt out onto his skin. “You’ve killed me.”

“It certainly looks that way,” Dom agrees with a hint of a chuckle, “But I am not yet dead.” To emphasize his point, Dom shifts so that his still-hard cock pushes into Billy’s ribs.


Wonderland by Cincodemaygirl and Minor_Blue

Billy runs his hand down Dom’s length, considering possibilities. A blow job would not be out of order, nor would letting Dom fuck him if he wants.

Or . . . he could play with him a little longer.

The thought is enough to perk him up again. He smiles wickedly and Dom, watching him and stroking his face, raises an eyebrow. “Bills . . .”

Billy gets on his knees and slides his hands up Dom’s body. “Do you trust me, Dommie?”

“Of course I do.”

“Do you trust me to take care of you?” he asks in an even lower tone.

“Yes,” Dom says cautiously. He smiles again and holds Billy’s hips as Billy lays himself on top of him. “What are you planning, you mad Scotsman?”

“All sorts of things you’re going to thank me for in the morning.” He kisses Dom, slides his mouth down Dom’s neck and over his chest, down his belly. Dom is nearly vibrating with arousal, his body taut and his breath desperate, and his hand at the back of Billy’s neck says clearly what Billy could do to end this delicious torment.

Billy slides down further, still kissing him, and Dom makes one last grab at his hair before groaning with frustration. “Billy,” he begs. “For god’s sake.”

Billy winks at him, wraps his hands around Dom’s thighs and yanks him flat. Dom squeaks in surprise and Billy laughs in delight: he can’t remember the last time he had this much fun with someone.

Billy faces the end of the bed and starts tonguing Dom’s toes again, between and around them, up the sole of one foot and then the other, sucking his ankles and nibbling on his legs. They’re tangled together, legs and feet and arms. Dom strokes Billy’s calves and makes soft “mm, mm, mm,” sounds as Billy kneels between Dom’s sprawled-open legs. Dom inhales with a shudder as Billy draws his toes up Dom’s cock.

“Bloody hell,” he exhales on the words. “Gonna give me a fetish, Bills.”

Billy just grins at him again, and grinds the ball of his foot into the tender skin of Dom’s inner thigh. “Ah fuck!” Dom moans, grabbing at Billy’s foot. Billy pushes Dom’s hand away with his toes and moves his foot lower to tease at Dom’s arse with his big toe.

“That’s it.” Dom can barely speak, gulping oxygen and shaking to his fingertips. “That’s fuckin’ it. I want to—I’ve got to—”

Curled up in a nearly fetal position, Billy pushes his big toe, sucks hard on the toes in his mouth, and strokes Dom’s cock with his other foot. Dom’s cock is still slick and oily from earlier, burning hot to Billy’s skin and it takes just a few strokes to get Dom thrusting his hips.

“Oh god oh god OH GOD! Billy!”

His lover is noisy. Billy suspected as much.

Billy untangles himself from Dom and sits up, feeling euphoric and exhausted. Dom’s breathing is finally slowing down like a sports car purring to a stop, and Billy chuckles to himself at the mental image. Dom is something finely made, well worth the wait.

Dom watches him through half-closed eyes as Billy lifts his hand to his mouth. He licks off Dom’s come, his own gaze steady, and grins at him. “Been drinking too much beer, mate. I’ve tasted better.”

“The cheek,” Dom says and throws a pillow at him.

* * *

Billy shrugs.

“And you sound awfully like Pippin just now. Funny how I never really considered him sampling different varieties of semen, though . . .” Dom sits up in order to pull Billy back down onto him, tickling Billy’s ribs as he speaks. “And if you’re not nice to me I may decide to tease you unmercifully about your rather Hobbit-like foot fetish . . .” Billy giggles and flushes pleasingly, settling on his side. He curves himself tightly into Dom’s body, head
on his chest. Dom wraps his arm around Billy’s shoulders.

“I’m really glad I took my risk. You know, back in the showers,” he says quietly into Billy’s hair.

“I wanted to say something about that.” Billy nuzzles Dom’s chest but stays quiet.

Dom grows impatient. “And what would that be?”

Billy tilts his head up to look at Dom; his eyes are shockingly lovely, apple green and bright. “Thank you. For the risk. I wouldn’t have ever done it, you know.” He puts his weight on his elbow and shifts up enough to gently kiss Dom on the lips before settling himself back against Dom’s side.

Dom clasps Billy more tightly and kisses the top of his head. “I dunno. You might have. Or maybe next time I would have caught you watching me and then the jig would have been up.”

Billy laughs and Dom can see his profile change as he grins. “Ah, but who’s to say I would have watched again?”

“Don’t forget the wanking, there was also wanking. Which is why you would have watched again.”

Billy sighs. “You’re never going to let me live that down, are yeh. Yes. There was. I did. Okay?”

Dom takes a breath and chuckles ruefully; Billy looks up to see his expression, slightly worried. “Yeah. Except for the part where I have to tell you something . . .”

Billy slides up to share Dom’s pillow, looking directly into his eyes.

“I, um, I did too. When you were in the shower.” Dom’s biting his lower lip, looking intensely contrite and impossibly boyish.

Billy schools his face into stern seriousness. “You wanked. While watching me shower.” Dom nods solemnly. Billy holds his face for another second and then his grin breaks over it and he showers Dom in giggles, kissing the tip of his nose. “That’s a wonderful compliment, love. Thank you.”

Dom shakes off his shock, snorts at Billy in mixed derision and shame for having fallen for the ruse. “Well, Bills, if you’re done tormenting me, how about getting us a drink? Aren’t you thirsty?”

Billy scoffs. “Why should I have to get the . . . Oh. It seems we’re at my house. Back in a second.” Dom watches him walk away, enjoying the slight of his lightly freckled arse and the sudden, vivid fantasy of connecting each of the freckles with his tongue.

* * *

Dom has an odd look again when Billy comes back to bed—”hungry” is the best way to describe it. “Do you need somethin’ more, Dommie?” Billy asks as he hands over a bottle of mineral water. “It’s been a while since supper.”

“Do you think hobbits eat a lot of midnight snacks? Ta,” he adds, opening his bottle, and he takes a long drink. “That’s the stuff.”

“I think hobbits eat when they’re hungry,” says Billy as he lies back, comfortable at Dom’s side. “And they’re hungry almost all the time.”

Dom kisses him with a cool and slightly sticky mouth. We can do this now, Billy thinks happily, we can talk like always and kiss each other too. He loops his arm around Dom’s neck, still holding his bottle of water, kissing him back with smacking lips.

“And hobbit sex,” Dom whispers as he nuzzles Billy’s face. “D’ya think hobbits have foot porn? Pictures of pretty hobbit-girls with their feet shaved?”

“Porn’s about the forbidden made public,” Billy says wisely, “and with hobbits barefoot all the time feet wouldn’t be taboo.” At Dom’s surprised expression he adds, “Vig and Ian were talking about it the other day.”

“And I was about to be impressed.” He starts kissing Billy again, and Billy is perfectly happy to stop talking.

“Merry and Pippin,” Dom whispers after a few minutes more.


“Do you think they—hr’m—took comfort in each other during the trek?”

Billy stops kissing him to consider it. “Yes. I also think the good professor would not entirely approve of the suggestion but I think he’d understand. He knew about close male friendships in hard times.”

“Those poor doughboys, huddled in the trenches,” Dom says sympathetically, running his fingertips over Billy’s chest.

“With nothing but each other for comfort . . . Mm, that’s nice, Dommie.”

Dom takes the bottle from Billy’s hand and puts both bottles on the bedside table. He lies full-length on top of Billy and teases him with his lips and the tip of his tongue. “Is this nice too?”

“Very . . .” His R’s and his hips roll lazily. He skims his fingertips down Dom’s back, eyes closed, simply enjoying the weight of Dom’s body, the sweetness of his kisses and the rich aroma of sex. “We smell good,” he murmurs in appreciation.

“You taste good.” He runs his hands down Billy’s sides. “And feel good.” He props himself on his elbows to look directly at him. “And we haven’t been doing this all along because why?”

“Because . . . I don’t remember now. I must have been ignoring the obvious. Yeh’ve been pinin’ for me for months.”

“Oh, I’ve been pining!” Dom’s strokes turn to tickles and Billy gasps with laughter. “You wanked over me first!”

“You get a woody whenever you’re around me!” He tries to fend off Dom’s hands, which only makes Dom tickle him harder.

“I know now that you’re a toe-sucking freak and I still want to spend every day with you—it’s madness, I tell you. Madness!”

“Ha! You *have* been pining for me!” He captures Dom’s wrists and wrestles him onto his back. Dom’s struggles are half-hearted—he’s grinning too broadly to really want to get away. “And you’re an arse-licking pervert and I’m still mad about you. My devotion knows no bounds.”

“You like that I’m an arse-licking pervert.”

“That I do. And you like that I’m a toe-sucking freak.”

“Yes, it’s true,” Dom admits with a dramatic sigh. “We’re perfectly matched, Master Boyd.”

“That we are, Master Monaghan,” Billy says softly. He releases Dom’s wrists so he can hold Dom’s head and kiss him breathless.

* * *

When they break for air, Dom kisses a spot below Billy’s ear. “Master Boyd,” he says formally, “There is something I’ve been wondering about.”

Billy rolls off to Dom’s side so they can look at each other more comfortably. He strokes Dom’s hipbone absently as he answers, “And what, pray tell, would that be?”

Dom raises an eyebrow and sits up on the bed, putting his hand to Billy’s chest when Billy starts to follow. Dom lets his hand drift down Billy’s torso, glancing against his half-hard prick, fingertips sailing down the crevasse between thigh and pelvis. Billy gasps, but Dom’s hand continues its path down Billy’s leg to his knee, shin, and then comes to a rest on his ankle.

“What I was wondering, Master Boyd, was if you would enjoy having your feet molested as much as you seemed to relish defiling mine?”

Billy stays silent, but he blushes a little and his eyes suddenly seem brighter. Dom lets his eyes move down to Billy’s crotch to see if there’s any additional information to be found there, and what he sees makes him lift Billy’s foot to his mouth.

Gently he kisses Billy’s ankle bone, tonguing the smooth flat area between ankle and heel. He kisses up Billy’s heel and then back around the top of his foot to Billy’s toes; he takes the littlest toe between his lips.

Billy throws his head back and growls. “Bloody fucking hell,” he says, breathing heavily.

“So I take it that would be a yes, then. I’ll have to make a note of that,” Dom muses from around Billy’s toe. He takes a second toe into his mouth and slips his tongue between them.

Billy shouts and then decides to employ his own fist as a silencing device. Dom uses his free hand to caress the inside of Billy’s knee and is delighted to hear Billy moan; he sucks each toe in turn and then runs his tongue along the underside of each, in one long pass across from biggest toe to littlest. Even Billy’s fist can’t contain his squeak.

Dom decides to be charitable and m
oves his hand from Billy’s knee up to the inside of his thigh, feeling the smooth, nearly hairless skin at the top curve. He looks up to Billy’s face, notes the set of his jaw and understands that Billy’s been biting down on his own hand.

“Love,” Dom says softly, “I’d like to hear you.” To emphasize his point he suckles on Billy’s largest toe and then lets his lips meander down the arch of his foot. Billy’s body relaxes and he removes his hand from his mouth.

“I, uh . . . might get a wee bit loud,” Billy warns.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Dom smiles wickedly and moves his hand to Billy’s cock.

* * *

Billy sucks in a breath of air, trying to steady himself. It’s almost a surprise, how quickly he’s ready for this again—but this is Dom he’s with, after all, and as Dom isn’t put off by the foot thing he probably won’t be put off by anything else Billy can come up with. The prospect makes him giggle, and Dom raises an eyebrow at him.

“Carry on,” Billy murmurs and caresses Dom’s cheek with his free toes.

Dom pushes Billy’s leg nearly into his chest so he can kneel right at Billy’s groin. His hand wraps around the base of Billy’s dick and begins a slow, firm rhythm as Dom’s tongue darts between Billy’s toes. Billy rumbles low in his chest as Dom’s thumb circles the head of his cock and presses lightly on the prominent vein on the underside. It’s not the easiest position to maintain—Billy is not as limber as Dom—and Dom shifts restlessly, trying to keep Billy’s foot to his mouth while his hand strokes and explores.

Finally Dom spits out Billy’s toes and says, “I can’t do it, mate. One or the other. I know you like the toe-sucking but I’d rather just make you come.”

“Keep doing that—I will,” Billy says, propping himself up on his elbows.

“Not for serious?”

Billy hesitates, then nods.

Dom’s lips twitch. “So . . . the real reason you’re the only one who doesn’t complain about Feet is that you really, really, really—”

“Enjoy the foot massages at the end of the day. Yes.” He lies back and gestures to Dom. “Kneel over me, like we’re playing sixty-nines.”

Dom’s expression is at once flirtatious and so turned on that Billy laughs aloud. “Are we going to play sixty-nines, Billy boy?”

“We may yet, young Dom. If you’re very, very nice.”

“Oh, I’m nice,” Dom whispers, positioning himself over Billy. “I’m ever so nice . . . this is much better.” He stoops, taking Billy’s toes in his mouth again, and puts all his weight on his knees and one arm so he can reach between them to tug Billy’s cock.

It’s not quite perfect—Billy can’t suck Dom’s prick at all—but he strokes Dom’s legs and plays with the backs of his knees, tickles his feet and laughs to see them twitch. He feels as if he’s letting go of weights, rising like a hot air balloon from the surface, to be this open in front of Dom—to admit, ‘This is what I like, this what will get me off,’ and not worry about offending. Dom is game for anything—could probably teach him a thing or two, which seems odd for one so young.

But it’s not the age, Billy thinks, smiling to be quoting Dom’s hero to himself. It’s the mileage.

Soon his “ah-ah-ah”s are more like “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”s and his body quakes from head to foot. His bent knee presses against Dom’s ribs and his hips rise and fall to Dom’s hand. His fingers dig into Dom’s arse and he squeezes, head thrashing. He wants to touch Dom more but hasn’t the neurons available for finesse—and when Dom chuckles, sucking hard and stroking harder, it hits Billy again that this is Dom, his Dom, his beautiful Dom with a big cock and laughing mouth and generous nature and talented tongue—

Dom throws himself off Billy when his shouts die down and looks at him with eyes like a stormy sea. Come is spattered both their bellies, and Dom wipes absently with his fingertips and takes a lick. “Hm.” He sucks his middle finger as Billy watches, sucks it down to the knuckle, smiling when Billy shudders. “Hm,” he murmurs again. “Not bad. An interest bouquet. Pleasing aftertaste. A little fruity—”

“I’ll show you fruity,” Billy growls and tackles him, kissing the laughter right out of Dom’s mouth. Dom makes a startled “umph!” and opens his legs to wrap them around Billy, anchoring their bodies together.

“Bills,” he mutters when Billy’s mouth leaves his for regions south, “Bills, love—”

Billy scrapes his teeth over Dom’s hipbone and Dom lets go of whatever point he was trying to make. He exhales and settles against the rumpled blankets, his hands in Billy’s hair as Billy slides his mouth further down his body.

* * *

Dom bucks with shock as Billy slips his tongue into Dom’s bellybutton and nips at the edges of skin there.

“Dommie,” Billy says in between leaving little licks and bites along the side of Dom’s stomach, “what can I indulge you in, this evening? Or morning, rather. In the—” he looks across at his alarm clock—”Oh holy gods, three hours before call?”

Dom growls and pushes Billy’s head back down to his skin. “There is no clock tonight, Bills, and don’t let me catch you looking at it again.”

Billy nods deeply and mutters something guttural, something very Scottish. He wriggles a few inches down the bed to latch his lips around Dom’s cock, never looking in the forbidden direction of the now forgotten clock. He hums and his lips are slick; Dom moves his hands to Billy’s shoulders and pushes his fingertips in the muscles in what he hopes is a soothing way.

“Bills,” Dom says, pushing gently with his fingers, massaging but meaning to move Billy off.

“Yeah?” Billy leaves a last long lick around the head of Dom’s prick, sealing it with a light kiss to the tip. His tongue darts out to catch the silken liquid there, and then he pulls back onto his knees expectantly.

Dom feels his cheeks heat before he even opens his mouth to speak. This is different for him—generally sex for Dom is pure pleasure, no shame, no embarrassment. There are no sexual sounds that bother him, no part of his body that he fears showing. But this isn’t just about his body, Dom thinks, and that must make the difference. He sits up on his knees, closes the distance between them, and wraps his arms around Billy’s waist, letting his fingers rest in the indent of Billy’s spine. They are silent, staring at each other; Dom realizes he’s been biting his lip.

“Have you got something to say, love?” Billy asks, leaning in so that their noses brush. “Is there maybe . . . something you’d like to, mmm,” he kisses the corner of Dom’s mouth, “do to me, Dominic?” Dom closes his eyes in a sharp mix of lust, joy, and gratitude, and pulls Billy’s hips flush with his own.

“God, yeah. I want to do everything to you, Billy. Possibly all at once,” Dom says with a wry smile, grinding his hard prick into Billy’s hip. “But I’d like to start somewhere in particular . . .” He lets his hand fall from the small of Billy’s back down the curve of his arse, stroking gently where Billy’s thighs meet and teasing upwards, pressing harder as Billy sinks into his touch.

“I’ve no doubt I’ll enjoy anything you want ta do to me, Dommie,” Billy says, his eyes wide and luminous. To further emphasize the point, Billy flops back onto the bed, drags Dom down on top of him, and hands him the olive oil from the side of the bed. The look on his face—lustful and lovely and incredibly eager—makes Dom nearly burst with excitement and delight, and he can’t help the laughter that escapes him. Billy joins in, giggling as he helps Dom unscrew the bottle cap. The two of them chuckle and jostle; the bottle is slippery from earlier, and they get quite a lot of the liquid all over their hands in the melee once the bottle cap is finally freed.

Their laughter slows as Dom slides a slick hand between Billy’s open legs, and Billy gasps as Dom gently coats him in oil, pushing one and then two fingers inside him. Dom curves his body down to nudge Billy’s ear with his nose. “More?” he asks.

“You, please,” Billy says breathlessly. “And don’t ask me if I’m sure,” he says fiercely, bucking onto Dom’s fingers.

* * *

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Dom answers, his voice hoarse. “If you’re not sure by now—”

“Then I’d be a right utter prat.”

“You are a prat. You’re my prat.” He withdraws his fingers and holds himself over Billy, aligning their hips. “Are you ready?”

Billy nods, arms around Dom’s chest. “Always.”

Dom’s face blushes even deeper pink and he kisses Billy hard. He kisses across Billy’s face to his ear, tugs the earlobe between his teeth, and whispers, “I could get used to this.’

Billy gasps, hanging tightly onto Dom’s slick, sliding body. Under different circumstances he would make a joke of some kind, but right now he’s lost in the pleasure of being fucked by Dom. Watching his eyes slit closed, his teeth sink into his lower lip, blood rush to his neck and chest. Hearing the groans rumble in his chest and the soft whispers of “Billy, ah, Bills . . .” Tasting the salt in his skin as they kiss. Feeling his lungs heave, his muscles bunch and smooth, his forehead rest against Billy’s and his brilliant cock pierce Billy to the quick again and again.

Billy’s own body is humming with satisfaction and aftershocks. It’s not the first time he’s wished men could be multi-orgasmic. He makes it as good as he can for Dom, meeting his hips thrust for thrust and clenching his muscles tight around him, kissing his face and neck, raking his fingers through his hair and over his back.

He loves the expressions Dom makes as his body shakes with passion—as he groans and cries out, “Billy!” as his fingers dig into Billy’s arms, as he collapses onto him, all strength gone. Billy clutches him tight, kissing his sweaty hair. “I didn’t want to stop, Bills,” Dom says, still gasping heavily. “I didn’t want to stop.”

“I know, love.”

“I love you so much, Bills.”

“I know, love,” Billy repeats and kisses his hair again.

* * *

After just lying there for a few minutes, cooling, Dom moves over just enough to relieve Billy of his weight, soft cock trailing out of Billy’s body. Billy coos gently and presses his face into the soft hair at Dom’s temple; Dom still clutches Billy’s arm with the hand he isn’t lying on. Together they just rest and breathe. The undercurrent of comfort and contentment is tangible, hanging in the air as a fine mist, settling into the sheets like a scent.

It’s late, but neither of them considers going to sleep. As the languor wears off, each of them begin stealing quick looks at the other. Billy catches Dom’s sidelong glance and his green eyes spill with mirth as he fights holding in a giggle. Dom smiles back and stares in earnest.

“You’ve lovely eyes,” he says, but his voice is gravelly from exertion and the late hour, and it sounds like an awful pick-up line. Billy snickers and Dom grins ruefully back, and soon they’re off. There’s no reason for them to be laughing, particularly, but no reason not to, and it feels good.

Once their amusement has quieted, Dom rearranges them to put his arm around Billy’s shoulders. When he sees Billy’s eyes start to slowly slide shut, drifting toward sleep, he leans down to press a kiss to his lips.

“Oh no you don’t, old man,” Dom murmurs. “I’m not through with you yet.”

Billy groans good-naturedly. “You just said it yourself; I’m too old for this. We’re going to be good for nothing on the set tomorrow—”

Dom interrupts him, pressing the tips of his fingers to Billy’s lips to close off the sound. “Excuse me, but what did I tell you not to mention?”

Billy’s lips open under Dom’s hand, but he thinks better of it and just glances to the clock.

Dom sighs. “You tosser, it was understood that I meant work as well.” Billy affects a wide-eyed, innocent face, and shakes his head. “Well, it is now, in any case. If you’re very good, I’ll let you sleep tomorrow night. But you’re mine to do with as I like, now.” Dom can feel the smile spread under his fingertips.

“Am I, then?” Billy asks softly as soon as Dom removes his hand. Dom rises onto his knees and then backs down to the end of the bed and off, kneeling on the carpet. Keeping eye contact the whole time, Dom gives Billy a sly look and bends down to kiss his feet. Billy breathes in sharply and smiles in fond exasperation.

To both Billy’s disappointment and relief, Dom moves up his legs quickly, stopping for only a moment at the back of each of his knees and to leave a sharp bite on the flesh of his inner thigh. Billy is surprised to hear himself gasp in alarm and then immediately moan using the same breath.

“Perhaps you’ve got a few more fetishes than you knew about, hmmm?” Dom casts Billy a wicked glance and drops his face back to Billy’s crotch. He runs his tongue over the base of Billy’s cock, tasting the sweat and salt, and licks along all the lines of Billy’s body. The crease of his pelvic bone, the light seam between his testicles. Billy lets out a deep sigh and runs his fingers through Dom’s hair.

Dom gradually lowers his tongue, glancing through hairs and across skin, as Billy tenses with understanding. He stays quiet as Dom begins licking, carefully and steadily using the flat of his tongue to lap up olive oil and his own come from Billy’s arsehole. Billy finally cries out when Dom slices into him with the sharp point of his tongue.

* * *

“Ah, I knew it,” Billy moans, “yeh are an arse-lickin’ pervert. Genius, genius,” he amends hastily when Dom makes as if to stop. “A genius at—at—” He loses his train of thought as Dom’s tongue penetrates him further. “At arse-licking,” he finishes finally and Dom starts laughing and has to rest his head on Billy’s thigh.

“I can’t do this if I’m laughing, Bills.”

“Do you want me to stop talking?” Billy says meekly. “I can be quiet.” He makes a zip-the-lips motion and then folds his hands demurely over his chest.

“I don’t want you to be quiet,” Dom says, running his hands up and down Billy’s thighs. “I like hearing you. I want you to talk to me.”

“Talk to you,” Billy repeats cautiously.

“Yeah.” The look he gives Billy from beneath his lashes is incredibly dirty and horny and tempting. “Talk.”

“About what? The weather?”

“Billy,” says Dom in exasperation.

“Oh . . . you mean *talk.* Oh. Um. Okay.” He breathes deeply as Dom lowers his head again and lifts Billy’s legs over his shoulders.

“I have noticed,” Dom murmurs between kisses, “that you’re not especially talkative. Which is not an issue. But talk can be fun, yeah? A lot of fun. Tell me what you want, Bills. Tell me what I can do for you.”

“Well,” Billy breathes, “what you’re doing is . . . quite nice . . .”

“And . . .”

“And I like it.”

“Oh, Bills,” Dom says and tickles the bottom of Billy’s foot. Billy’s foot jerks and he yelps.

“I’m trying,” he says with a pout.

Dom thinks for a moment, then says, “It’s just like playing a part. In this part, you’re The Lover. You’re free of inhibitions, you’re desperately in love, and you’re having sex for the first time. And you’re fearless.” He lifts Billy’s foot to his mouth and quickly sucks his littlest toe. “Absolutely fearless.”

Billy inhales with a shiver and gasps, “I love it when you do that.”

“When I do what?”

“When you lick my feet. When you suck my toes. I love that. Fuck, it gets me going. Gets me hard.

“Good, good,” Dom murmurs, kissing further up Billy’s leg. “Tell me more, Bills.”

“Um . . . right . . . more . . . more kissing, Dommie. Kissing you is the best thing ever. It’s like the sun coming up. Oi!” he adds when Dom sinks his teeth into his thigh. “What’s that for?”

“Talk dirty to me!” Dom says and nibbles him again.

* * *

“Was that not dirty enough?” Billy practically growls.

“Nope,” Dom says calmly, “and besides, don’t try to tell me you weren’t thinking about morning again. You know you have been forbidden even thinking about it, mate.”

Billy growls and digs a heel into Dom’s shoulder. “Fucking hell, Dominic,” he says, and his voice is suddenly pure steel. “You’re keeping me up all night and forcing me to shed all my inhibitions and making me come three times in one night! And it’s still not enough for you, is it? No, you want me to bloody talk to you, too! And about what you’re doing to me, when I’m not sure I even know the goddamn cunting names for everything you’ve done to me! And now I’m bloody RANTING at you and you’re still licking me!”

Finally Billy reaches the point where pausing for breath is no longer optional, and in the silence he hears Dom chuckle. His eyes grow wide with disbelief.

“And now you´re LAUGHING at me?”

Dom props himself up on his elbows and strokes Billy’s thighs with his fingers, using long, calming strokes. “You’re a natural, Bill. I had no idea ‘angry’ could turn me on. But there at the end it got a bit amusing, you have to admit. Plus your accent was getting pretty Braveheart.”

His crooked smile makes Billy’s anger dissipate instantly. He sighs, and the corner of his mouth twitches. They look at each other for a long moment.

“Um, did I really turn yeh on with that nonsense?” Billy asks sheepishly.

“I’m hard as a fucking rock,” Dom confirms. “And so are you, by the way.”

Billy bites his bottom lip and smiles, looking like a naughty child. “I am, aren’t I.”

“What do you think you might like me to do about that?” Dom questions, leaning back in toward Billy’s body to take the tip of Billy’s cock into his mouth.

Billy lies back down, this time putting his arms behind his head, visibly relaxing. He sighs and lets his eyelids drift shut.

“Mmm, Dommie. You could do like that—your mouth around me. So hot, so wet. And earlier was good, too, with your tongue pushing into me. God, you’ve a talented mouth.” He groans as Dom takes in more of his cock, sliding down slowly until his lips meet the root. He carefully swallows, and Billy bucks at the sensation and belts out something unintelligible. When Dom draws his mouth along and off, Billy just whines.

“Want more?” Dom asks, giving him a little lick.

“Yesssss,” Billy says pitifully.

“Then you have to talk,” Dom says.

Billy grunts, irritated, and then as soon as Dom’s wondering if he’s pushed too hard, Billy is chuckling.

“If it’s talking my Dommie wants, it’s talking he shall have. Hmmm . . .” Billy unfolds his arms from behind his head and props a pillow up behind himself so he can watch Dom more comfortably. He reaches one hand down to Dom’s head, placing the other around his own prick at the base, gripping gently.

Dom watches Billy stroke off, eyelids at half mast, lips parted, and feels something approaching awe. When Billy lets loose . . . Well, Dom thinks he’s about to see what happens when Billy lets loose.

“This has been fantastic,” Billy says, opening his eyes fully to look at Dom. “You make me feel like the only person that exists in the whole world. My body thinks it’s a decade younger with you. Your lips, your tongue, that amazing, fantastic, sinful cock,” Dom blinks as the wave of lust rushes over him; when he comes back to himself he finds that he has already lowered his mouth back to Billy’s cock.

Billy’s voice is dark, thick, smoky, winding through the heavy air of the room. Dom lets its cadences dictate the speed that he uses to slide his mouth up and down, wetly gliding over Billy’s prick.

“All the things you’ve done to me . . . All the things I hope you’ll do to me. For example, Dommie,” Billy says, slowing the hand working his cock and his other hand to smooth down Dom’s hair. “If you’d like to keep blowing me—and I certainly hope that you do—perhaps you would favor me with a couple of those lovely long fingers of yours . . ?”

Dom grins around his mouthful and decides to be nice, not asking where Billy wants those fingers, but just sliding them down to rub at Billy’s still slick arsehole. He’s relaxed, and Dom enjoys the texture around his fingers, smooth and satiny and pliant. Billy groans as Dom eases one strong finger inside him, curving it upward to find that different spongy place. Billy’s breathing goes rapid and shallow, and his next words are little more than growls.

“Fucking exactly, Dominic. Exactly.” Dom strokes the spot more gently and backs off of Billy’s cock just a bit, switching to licking and swirling his tongue around the head.

“You . . . You’re incredible. If I’d known the half of it, all my fantasies would have been a lot more adventurous, I can tell you that much.” Billy eyes are closed, and his hips are moving, alternating between following Dom’s mouth and pushing down on his fingers. His hand is in Dom’s hair, and soon that will hurt, but for the time being, Dom is more than content to watch this new side of Billy come to the surface.

* * *

Billy had thought earlier that he had reached his limits—of how much sex he could have in a night, how much sensation he could handle in a single hour, how long he could kiss before his mouth grew just too tired.

He was wrong about all of them.

It’s Dom, all Dom. He wishes there were a way to stretch out this night, make it last for a hundred years, so that he would never have to stop kissing Dom and touching him and being touched by him.

Of course, there’s always tomorrow night.

He chuckles in his chest and Dom lifts his mouth long enough to say, “Share with the class, Master Boyd?”

“I was thinkin’,” Billy swallows and licks his dry lips, “how much I’d like this to never end. You know? Just keep on having sex with you until I die. Which, if we keep on having sex like this, probably wouldn’t be too long.”

“You’re a hopeless romantic, Billy,” Dom says with a perfectly straight face.

“You asked.” He exhales as Dom withdraws his fingers from his arse, and Dom crawls up his body and kisses his lips. Billy arches up to him, wanting as much skin as he can touch, and runs his hands down Dom’s back from his short-cropped hair to his tight, perfect arse. He squeezes Dom’s arse, getting a giggle in return as Dom’s tongue sweeps into his mouth. Billy works one leg between both of Dom’s and rolls him into his back, smiling as Dom gasps and tries to wiggle from beneath him.

“Ah, ah, ah, mah Dommie,” he murmurs, kissing around Dom’s mouth. “I made you a promise earlier and you’ve more than fulfilled your side of the agreement . . .”

“Oh, Billy,” Dom moans and his hands dig into Billy’s waist a moment before Billy turns on top of him, aligning hips to mouths. He lowers his head and eases his mouth around Dom’s eager cock.

Dom moans for a few moments more, hips thrusting lazily into Billy’s mouth, then his mouth envelops Billy’s prick to take him deep. They suck each other in near silence, moans muffled, enjoying the gentle nibbles and wet curious tongues, hips rocking, legs trembling.

This is it, Billy thinks, this is going to kill me, I’m going to die from pleasure right here, just from this . . . He arches his neck, arranging himself to take Dom down to the base. The twitch of his cock says Dom is close to the edge, and Billy is determined to wait for him, for them to come as cl
ose together as they can.

Determination, physiology—all that matters is that Billy’s cock is in Dom’s mouth and Dom’s cock is in Billy’s mouth and neither have them have had a night like this. Ever.

They come within seconds of each other, so hard that Billy feels the world waver around him and Dom’s body feels limp as a newborn beneath him. He falls off Dom and lies wide-eyed in the rumpled sheets, every breath heady with the scent of sex.

Dom recovers first, which doesn’t surprise Billy at all, and moves onto his side, supporting his head on his arm. “Bills?”

“Yeah?” His voice is hoarse—Peter’s going to be furious tomorrow. Or in a few hours, rather.

“Still with me, love?”

“‘Course I am.”

“Good.” Dom runs his hand over Billy’s hair, then turns and gets their forgotten bottles of water from the nightstand. “Drink,” he says quietly, opening one and lifting Billy’s head.

“Thanks,” Billy murmurs when he’s put off the first edge of thirst. “Drink some too.”

“Hm,” Dom answers as he takes a swig. He strokes Billy’s hair again. “Starting to get dehydrated, I think.”

“Starting?” Billy repeats, and Dom laughs, resting his forehead against Billy’s. “Good god, Dommie, do you realize what we’ve done tonight?”

“Started a beautiful friendship?”

“We had a beautiful friendship. We’ve got something else now.”

He doesn’t protest as Dom takes him in his arms and spoons him to his chest. “We’ve still got a beautiful friendship. It’s even more beautiful now.”

Well. All right, then. Billy smiles and makes an agreeable sound, resting his hands on top of Dom’s. Dom is warm against his back, breathing deeply and evenly, one leg on top of Billy’s hip and the other tucked between his knees. Billy takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out—lets his eyes close and his body relax.

“Really love you, Dommie,” he whispers as sleep surrounds him. He gets a squeeze and a sleepy kiss in return, and it’s all the answer he needs.

e n d

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