Lovely In Her Bones

Title: Lovely In Her Bones Author: Series: Stranger Than Fiction Fandom: Crossover (X-Files/LOTRiPF) Pairing: Dom/Scully Rating: NSFW Summary: "Insecurities and scars and all that kind of thing are what makes the girl, right?" --Dominic Monaghan, Loveline "So," Orlando said casually, "I've been here three days and you have yet to bring home a girl. Have… Continue reading Lovely In Her Bones

Violets in Bloom

Title: Violets In Bloom Author: Fandom: Lost Pairing: Charlie/Claire Rating: General Summary: "Charlie? Will you be with me when the time comes?" Notes: The title doesn't really have anything to do with anything--it was just the song that was playing when I decided to write.A sixty-minute fic. It surprises neither of them when they wake… Continue reading Violets in Bloom

Under the Influence: Spiced Rum

Title: Under the Influence: Spiced Rum Author: Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Dom/Orlando Rating: NSFW Summary: It begins, as these things often do, in a bar. Notes: For . It begins, as these things often do, in a bar.They have been keeping a running tab on each other, the count kept in the back of Dom's journal—in… Continue reading Under the Influence: Spiced Rum


Title: Wonderland Author: & Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Billy/Dom Rating: NSFW Summary: Staring at Dom in the shower, torn between walking in like normal with a cheerful hello and just standing here, watching. Actors let go of a certain portion of their natural modesty. They have to: they try on costumes, work out—train if the part… Continue reading Wonderland