Nasty Little Thoughts

Title: Nasty Little Thoughts
Fandom: LOTRiPS
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Word Count: 110
Rating: NSFW
Summary: Dom has nasty little thoughts.
Notes: Written for an icon drabble game.

Billy never suspects a thing.

Billy never suspects that whenever Dom looks at him he’s thinking wanna hold you down and kiss you until you lose your breath, wanna fuck you so hard, wanna wanna wanna . . .

Billy makes Dom want to bite things. Ass, collarbones, fingertips, the tender flesh below Billy’s navel and just above his groin.

Billy, Dom suspects, will taste like salt water taffy.

Billy must never know that his best mate has such thoughts about him. Billy never thinks this way about anyone—Billy loves gently, purely; without props, foodstuffs or ball gags. Or so Dom thinks, but he never suspects a thing.

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