There Goes My Hero

Title: There Goes My Hero Author: Fandom: X-Files Pairing: Doggett/OFC Rating: SFW Summary: Notes: Written for an icon drabble game, at the request of MeridyM. Borrowing her original character Mo Dannah with much affection. Inspired by this icon: Every time she saw him she got the same thrill. Not just the warmth of "There goes… Continue reading There Goes My Hero

Nasty Little Thoughts

Title: Nasty Little Thoughts Author: Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Billy/Dom Word Count: 110 Rating: NSFW Summary: Dom has nasty little thoughts. Notes: Written for an icon drabble game. Billy never suspects a thing.Billy never suspects that whenever Dom looks at him he's thinking wanna hold you down and kiss you until you lose your breath, wanna… Continue reading Nasty Little Thoughts

The Subtle Art of Persuading Vampires

Title: The Subtle Art of Persuading Vampires Author: Fandom: Crossover (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter) Characters: Spike, Drusilla, Minerva McGonagall Rating: SFW Summary: "I suppose," the vampire said, "you expect me to be sympathetic." Notes: Inspired by the Random Fandom Pairing Generator of Doom "I suppose," the vampire said, "you expect me to be sympathetic."… Continue reading The Subtle Art of Persuading Vampires


Title: Absolution Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean Word Count: 450 Rating: G Summary: The night before his execution, Captain Jack Sparrow ponders his fate. Prompted by this icon: A man cannot escape his fate—but Captain Jack Sparrow had never thought his fate would bring him here, to an ignomious death by hanging in Port Royale.… Continue reading Absolution

Floating In Space

Title: Floating in Space Author: Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Remus/Sirius Warning: Angst (marauder Era), slash Rating: R Summary: "Do you realize you have the most beautiful face?" Notes: Written for tigannie_con, using the prompts: "Do you realize?" by the Flaming Lips, the "love, blood and rhetoric" speech from "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead", and a… Continue reading Floating In Space